Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What do we do in the SuMmErTimE?!!...we "PLAY"

So every summer the Missoula Children's Theatre goes "on tour" to rural communities-to put on a complete musical with the children.
All the way from try-outs, to practices, costumes, cast parties and two performances pretty much takes up the entire week!
This year was Tortoise vs. the Hare (a cute little ditty)
I asked the boys if they were interested in doing it this year.
In fact, they were so interested we decided to come home from California (as planned) and not stay a little bit longer, so they could participate!
I always have to laugh at try-puts because they have the kids line up according to height, and then have them tell their names and grade. Colton was with the 6-9th graders and Sterling was in 4th...they moved Sterling back to his grade and he was part of the fan club chorus (for the hare)

Colton ended up with a speaking part as Oggy Froggy with the reptile gang (for the turtle)
Colton is top, far right, in silver--above

Because Dan and I were in Phoenix for the DeLaFuente's sealing.

Aunt Cara kept the boys and taped their performance. We watched the video for Family Home Evening.

and we were once again happy we spent a week of our summer vacation


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My Lucky Day said...

I love how your children are involved in a variety of things. The play looks very fun!