Monday, August 9, 2010

FaReWeLL FAVORITES (California Trip)

BEFORE LEAVING CALI..we made sure to fit in a SUPER LATE night at the DRIVE-IN's and went and saw Shrek 4, How to Tame a Dragon, and something with Ashton Kutcher in it-I forgot the name (The kids were asleep in the back of the car,including little Rhett-it was a grown up movie).
My family talked me into staying up until 4am!!!! We paid like 8 bucks (for everyone) and went from movie to movie to movie....pretty sweet deal, doesn't take much talking into if it is a good deal for me!!!
Since we drive 12 plus hours to get there and only get there about once a year, I like to linger longer in California.
During our linger longer in California Colton was missing his Cub Scout Camp at home. So he decided to go to day camp in Sacramento stake.
That is one thing I love about Colton--he finds friends wherever he goes, and if someone does not like him he moves right along...not much drama. Love that kid!
sigh," MOM...when is the next Grandma's Camp?"
We always sadly leave California.
Rhett (and I) slept the best he ever has while there (we are going back tomorrow!)

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The Mangums said...

Love your cute family updates & all the fun pictures. LOVE the idea of a Grandma camp - so fun!