Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do we do in the SumMerTiMe?...we "BALL"

Last school year Colton began to take an invested interest in basketball. He was playing it at recess and during down time at home. My heart could not have been happier.
Soon as the summer camps began I regretted the decision of not signing Colton up for a basketball one.
Well, some friends of ours told us about a camp that was reasonably priced they were sending their kids too. Colton begged me to go. You DO NOT have to BEG for long when it comes to basketball, it has a special place in my heart (besides he did not do swim lessons this year as he tested out last year). So we signed him up last minute and carpooled with the friends.
We didn't know that one of Colton's best buddies, Dallin would be there-so that even made the CAMP BETTER!
Since we hung out sometimes while car-pooling it was kind of fun to watch. It was a camp purely built on drills. No game playing. Dan thinks that is better, that is how you learn to play!

So learn we did! The first day after running ladders and drills, Colton was pretty sore. He had never felt that kind of sore and told me he could not play because he was hurting. I told him it was a good hurt and to "work" out the pain. I never heard another complaint the rest of camp!
We {heart} BALL'ing IT!

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