Monday, August 23, 2010

What do we do in the SuMmErTiMe...we birthday "PARTY"

So right smack dab towards the end of JULY (22nd) we celebrate COLTON RAY's BIRTHDAY
He turned 9 this year!!!
(so it was a year of no friend party...but a FAMILY ONE!)
He got TOy SToRy 3 SUGAR CEREAL for breakfast, MCDonald's Happy Meal for lunch, and pizza for dinner with Cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert!
(That should have been his birthday!)
He went to basketball camp, played video games in the game room at the rec center (while I worked out), and then went and saw a matinee showing of Toy Story 3 with mom on a date-with Toy Story Popcorn to boot!
Only to come home and have a party with his family!
He scored some pretty sweet gifts of arrows (for his bow), guitar lessons, water ball, Nerf gun, and Hobby Lobby gift certificate!
I decided to make some cupcakes with his FAVORITE video game character- SUPER MARIO!
The great things about families is that the siblings get as excited or more for each others birthdays!!!
Happy Birthday Colton!!!

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My Lucky Day said...

What would Colton want at Hobby Lobby?