Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve...

We made it a Christmas Eve tradition this year (after our traditional McD's dinner) to go and watch the lights in Cornville.
We went to this show last year. This man totally does it for FREE. He times the lights to music and it is PHENOMENAL (best one I have seen on you tube) it takes 8-10 hours of programming for every minute of music and it lasts almost a full hour.
afterwards we headed home to get warm and....
Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen had a really busy season this year
BUT they pulled through for pj's
(with the shopping help of mom and dad)
Then it was time for...
After drawing our parts out of a cup I totally got ousted as Mary by Dacie.
Dan told us to let her do it...you think I am being replaced? ha ha ha
She was so VERY into the part...especially taking care of baby Jesus
You think Joseph was this good looking?
Here Dacie is bowing to the Christ child with the wise men
The CAST: Cara the angel, Sterling the bunny donkey, Mom the shepherd, Colton the Kangaroo Samuel the Lamanite, Dacie as Mary, Dan as Joseph, Ryland as the wise man (not shown- John the Narrator)
Afterwards each of the boys performed one song from their Christmas concerts!
Then it was laying out of the cookies, brushing the teeth, and the parents hoping that sleep would come QUICKLY!
**wanna come visit our house for the holidays?...check out the video below!!!


SKISLN said...

That house was amazing. What a cool Christmas tradition.

Aaron & Jayme said...

We went and saw the lights too! They are amazing! Hope everything is going good girl!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

Talk about kids getting big! Even Binka has grown a lot! Dacie is so darn cute! The boys are handsome as can be!

Jen said...

We'll have to get that address next year. Cool lights!

Love the nativity. We make our kids do it every year....I guess we could join them. :0)