Thursday, January 14, 2010


We have started out our 2010 with some FuN, BuSy and interesting things:
Binka #5- Has a dilated right kidney, as of our last ultrasound 2 weeks ago. Same kidney as Colton! The dr. wanted a follow-up the next week BUT I talked him into waiting until our typical 37 week ultrasound-- we cannot do much before then anyways. The baby was being a stinker about getting his pictures taken--they could not even tell he was a boy! So it could be nothing, just a bad ultrasound day. I feel at peace and our pediatric urologist from Houston has transferred to Phoenix Children's--we will be OK come what may!
Dacie-Is in LOVE with mom. She will not even let Dad lay her down for bed now. She can talk for hours on her pretend cell phone when she should be falling asleep for naps! I walked in the other day after 45 minutes of banter on it, and she simply looked over while on the phone and said, "what?I am talking with my dad!"
Ryland-IS the best helper when preschool is at our house. He got a small bike for Christmas and is dismayed when I will not let him ride it down the street a good mile or so with the older boys, to ride on the tire swing.
Sterling- Made his first basket in basketball and Daddy could not have been happier for him. He has such a hard time even getting the ball near it. He was high five-ing the whole team! He learned to ride a bike and now has scabs on his knees and arms to prove it. He also has already started out the new year with a good morning of stomach flu. His school got a grant and he has been able to stay after school until 4pm this week, for free art lessons. His poor little gimp leg is not sure what to make of 2 hour practices 2 x's a week for basketball, as he has a very enthusiastic coach!
Colton-Cannot remember a lunch box, book or homework to save his life-let alone putting away his pajamas in the morning. HOWEVER--He is a smartie AND is representing his class in the school spelling Bee tomorrow morning. He is not nervous BUT his mom is. He is one of the best rebounders and blocker on his team (but height will not always be his advantage). He is super close to getting his bobcat FINALLY! Pine Wood Derby next month!
Alicia-Just got done teaching the letter "I" at our house for Dacie's preschool. We made sugar cube igloos (but sugar sure does stink!) and made our own "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" books as well. It was my last turn before the baby arrives! In Young Women's we started out the New Year with ward conferences. It keeps us pretty busy all day on Sundays. We have a BIG winter youth conference type thing this Saturday, to go along with the new video program "A Brand New Year" the church puts out for the youth. Nights are starting to get uncomfortable but overall I am feeling pretty good. My body tells me when I am doing too much (like re-arranging furniture and going through every room in the house--10 boxes and bags to Goodwill, and a Black trash bag for the trash!). Pokeno will be happening at our house next week.I am trying to get all my social obligations for my rotations out of the way before Binka arrives! My days of being in the car-carpooling, have just begun...
Dad- Dan is the best support with babysitting for these Young Women activities and meetings. He is growing his hair long and it is quite handsome in the back, especially when he wears a hat! I LOVE it. He joined his works Biggest loser competition, since he gained a pound and went into the BMI index of overweight...for real, I am not lying. He is the heaviest he has ever been, but he still looks like the same bean pole as when I met him. He just likes to nip things in the bud. He already has lost 3 pounds which took him out of that category. We just got down our Christmas tree last night... and have yet to take down the Christmas lights and outside--we have been busy. He has built some serious muscles re-arranging our home after getting a new TV. He and the kids LOVE our new Wii Fit! Did I mention he took me on one of the best dates last Friday night?!
Whew! This new year definitely has started with a BANG!
How about yours?


booboo said...

You copied me this time!!! Just remember that!! I had it first!!!

wilkinson_fam said...

Tell me the story, girl! My college athlete husband tells me he needs to get in shape at 170 pounds. I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.


kk Leilani said...

ah the moments. I love your moments. It has been forever since I've been on your blog. I miss I have lots of fun to look forward to reading about the fam. I quickly scrolled down and I couldn't help but laugh at the pic of Dan at his sister's is hilair...I am still laughing. ah the joys. you have the best family. love you tons and Happy New Year!

Chelle said...

How ever do you do it all?? I'm so impressed! I'm curious about your youth conference thing in which you will be presenting the Brand New DVD. Any fun suggestions you can pass our way? We are struggling with ideas... the leaders think the DVDs are a bit cheesy. Can't wait to see what this new little baby looks like!