Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So this past Saturday Dan and I used our time "wisely" to go on a marathon date (as those will come farther in between when this binka arrives)
The morning started out with a primary activity day and basketball game
Then Grandma Sorensen arrived from PHX to watch the kiddos until late evening when we hired a babysitter so she could get back home at a decent hour.
Dan and I took off at about 12:30pm and drove straight to the temple
It was SOOO BUSY--we had to wait 45 minutes to get into a session
Despite the time line we were crunching-we still absolutely enjoyed our time there
Time holds still and all is well while you are in the temple...
We enjoyed the quiet pondering time before we even started!
Getting out of the temple later then anticipated--we stopped by my sisters house (amberlyn) who has moved abt. 5 minutes from the temple and went and picked up some "goods" from the my folk back home in California!
BUT we had to hurry (no time to eat out)...so we would NOT miss
Dan's Dad had some tickets he hooked us up with that evening
(I love Steve Nash's pose in this one)
I am not gonna lie...Basketball is my FAVORITE sport to watch
Maybe because I am more invested in it
But tonight was NO EXCEPTION and we were on the 12th row to boot!
Basketball games have a little "nicer" crowd too, since they typically cater to the
"higher income".
I had FUN making up nicknames for some of the players
So I had to play around with my camera's new settings and get pictures of them
The 2 above are:
and VAMPIRE (he has some Danish name...or something like it, I forgot)
Oooh this guy was THE GORILLA (why these players have such excessive facial and HEAD hair is a mystery to me, isn't less more when you are getting so sweaty?)
and this "small" guy above (he only looked small compared to the 7 footers) is JUNO
I kept this picture in because I was trying to get Gorilla and I got Steve Nash in a funny pose on the sideline while he was trying to keep warm- ha ha
and to make the date even better...Dan caught one of those super cool t-shirts they throw into the crowds!!
Not Gonna Lie...I am a SUNS fan
We finally arrived back home 2 hours later at midnight (I had 6 hours of church to go to the next day for ward conferences)...we slept GOOD that night!


Lindsay said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! Sorry I missed you on Sunday!

Jen said...

My husband loves the Suns, too! He gave one of his managers box seats for that game...which I know he always regrets because he would rather be there. :0)

Glad you had fun!

Selena and Russ!! said...

that sounds like a super fun date!