Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Break!

We did not feel like we were home much for the month of December!
The day after Christmas we headed down to the valley to spend some time with Dan's family that was all trickling in for Kerri's reception...
Dan had to miss the reception for work-so we made a long weekend of it!We got in some R&R (this nap came after he went and raced carts at an indoor track)
I helped Aunt Kerri make some bracelets for "the little girls" for her reception
...of course there was allot of reading, sitting, visiting, playing with toys and TV time
Dan's parents live in a neighborhood with streets and sidewalks-so it is always a treat to bring down the scooters (Colton got a new razor for x-mas) and bikes to ride around to our hearts content too!
Dacie got her baby fix (and her momma did too) with our newest niece
She was born in late November and is pretty much a PERFECT baby
Dacie was in "awe" and I am so looking forward to her having a live baby of her own soon!
That is why Dacie did not mind that we left her in PHX for a day and half for some
(they even got to watch the new Disney princess movie)
We also almost got ALL of Dan's family together to visit the Mesa temple lights on our way back to Cottonwood for Family Home Evening

We came home for a day before the boys and I headed back to PHX for Aunt Kerri's open house
We let the boys have a "friend day" since we had not been around very long for the holidays!
then it was open house time at Grandma and Grandpa's house...
even Annie the Dog decorated!
They had the landscaping done for it...and it turned out perfect
it was a rainy evening
and it had lots of yummy food- dutch oven cobbler, cooked in the back yard... with hot chocolate!

Some dancing and hopping around the fire pits with our cousin
AND of course some girly cousin time!

It was a great and family-filled holiday break


Amanda said...

Alicia I love the picture of your family out looking at lights. You look sensational. I can't remember when you are due and/or if you know the gender of the baby? I'm so happy for y'all. We are due July 14th. Happy New Year! Love ya!

wilkinson_fam said...

Aren't YOU the cutest!?! I am honored that you would find ANY part of my posts worthy to quote in any setting! Thank you for the compliment. I'm sure you did a fantastic job (as always) on your talk.

So excited for the arrival of your babe! You can do it, girl. Remember, No What If's and No Regrets.