Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Wedding!!!

To add to our Christmas festivities Dan and I were able to fly out to McCallen, Texas from December 18-21st (the farthest SOUTH you can go in the US, even farther south then Florida) to see Dan's sister Kerri get married~ for a long weekend (*thanks to Aunt Cara at home who babysat the 4 kids)
This wedding has been a long time coming...
Kerri has always made our family a priority in her single life plans, we were always on her agenda and she always would come to our home and spoil our kids.
We were glad we could celebrate with her and Marcileno Clemente DE LA FUENTE (my favorite part is that new last name!)
Not to mention, how often do you get to get away from the kids around the holidays?
Despite my petrified nature on the planes, it was so nice to get a "break" from it all and party during the busy season!
We had 2 nights of SERIOUS Texas bar-b-q
We had some at Marcy's house the night before and then they had it catered at the reception.
Oh my yum!! My mouth waters thinking about the fajita beef..mmmmm
It was nice being back in TEXAS-you always have a little Texas pride after you have lived there!
They know how to party at their receptions for sure
Despite it being catered with bar-b-q Mexican food they also hired
a Mariachi(sp) Band
OK, this was no ordinary band...it was THE BEST one I have EVER heard,
they had a full on band (violins, reg. and bass guitars, trumpets and Andrea Bocelli Hispanic style vocalist--they even made firecracker sounds with their mouths) and were super talented!
Aunt Kerri looked like the most beautiful senorita EVER!
It was fun being able to watch her getting ready a little bit before, and help decorate a little!
They also asked Dan and I to do a little poem reading for the ceremony.
(Marcy was baptized last June so they look forward to the sealing later.)
It was so fun to see Kerri romantic and "in love" as we really have not seen her that way!
We even got Dan on the (Dj'd) dance floor to pay and dance with his sis!
There was dancing...
AND Fireworks (i LOVE Dan's face- ha ha ha) ...
AND Happy SMiles!
(and the last of our Christmas shopping finished)
Thanks for the FUN weekend and giving us more reasons to LOVE you (giving us a Marcy)
Happy Christmas Wedding!!!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness... I just realized I've been sending our Christmas card to your hombre address for a LONG time! I'm not even sure when you moved but Ive never gotten them back in the mail so I didn't realize I was sending to someone else! I updated your address for next year and vow to be more organized! Hope all is well with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Ok I got your Christmas card back in the mail today, it said recipients do not live here...DUH!!! I'll do better next year promise:) Do you have an email or Face Book so I don't have to message you on your blog???