Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fruits of Art Class

Our school district got a small grant to hold a free after school art class for 1st and 2nd grade for one week
OF COURSE...we capitalized on it for Sterling
Their main emphasis was drawing portraits and human bodies all week. They went through all the anatomy..particularly faces.
Each day they had small assignments to complete BUT their final project was to pick two people
and draw them in a portrait together.
My kids have always been huge fans of the only cousins close to their ages.
SO the portrait was no exception for Sterling and he chose his 2 cousins Boston and Kayden (who are brothers, and just moved into their own room together)

Now I am not making any claims towards my children's art talents...I would be clueless in that knowledge. BUT when Sterling brought home his final project at the end of the week, all matted I couldn't help but be touched by his thought he put towards his cousins. They were expecting a new brother, so we thought it might be fun for them to have a gift to go into their newly decorated and moved into bedroom as they have been making room for their other brothers. Now granted, we take a risk by doing this... as my brother is an artist and definitely has a critique'ing eye. BUT Sterling so LOVED the class and was so EXCITED to give it to them..I could not pass up the opportunity.

So we framed the picture and sent it to Utah..but not before we got a few pictures.

Happy Portrait drawing to you!

We LOVE you cool boy cousins Kayden & Boston (of course McCoy and Azure too)

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Jen said...

Adorable!!! Sydney is taking the photography class available to 4th and 5th graders here in Sedona. I love that!