Friday, January 22, 2010

Should I be More Worried?...

(newspaper article my elderly neighbor copied and brought over to us...concerned)
The other evening (Tuesday) we watched as the news began broadcasting that we were going to be hit with some of the serious pacific storms heading our way...that immediately led to flood warnings.
The next evening (Wednesday) the rains came and then I heard the rain no more...
we woke up to S-N-O-W (thus the reason for no more rain sounds!) on Thursday--it was a good inch or so, and continued snowing into the late morning. Our FIRST SNOW OF THE SEASON!
After TRYING to get the kids from outside and to school at a decent hour...the rains came again and melted all the snow we did have
The more it rained the more we heard about how bad the flooding would be.
Neighbors brought over newspaper articles and began sand bagging their garages and property lines.
They posted flood and flash flood signs all over the neighborhood.
Emails came flooding in (no pun intended) from the neighborhood watch team,
they cancelled school for Friday due to inclement weather,
our ward relief society president, visiting teachers and elders quorum president have all called us
I was not worried....
(the view from our back deck this a.m.-FRIDAY MORNING)
Maybe I am not worried because we moved into our home during the last BIG flood and it was seemed so much bigger (the road behind us was covered)
or maybe because it would be an answer to our prayers getting out of our home that we cannot seem to sell right now-ha ha (JUST KIDDING!)
But whatever the reason--the rain has tapered off
and we went exploring...(along with everyone else) down at the river today with our unexpected day off of school!
The river HAS risen considerably..but is already beginning to recede
and the national weather service is beginning to say we are no longer in flood danger for the next 48 hours,and that we got less then anticipated.
I guess we have to wait for the FEET of snow to melt in Flagg and surrounding mountain areas to see!
BUT just in case..we know where our 72 hour kits are, pictures/journals are kept
and we would hire our ward to move out our expensive inside stuff (as the inside of the house does not have good flood coverage--after all, most of it was furnished from goodwill, DI, craigslist, and garage sales when we got it)
AND we are enjoying the moisture that our state so BADLY needs!
After all this is the price I knew I might have to pay to have green in Arizona, and have a little taste of my "east coast" heaven in my back yard.
Wanna come get muddy?


Angie said...

Funny. Justin was just asking me today if I had heard if flooding had affected your house and I wasn't sure, so HE got on your blog tonight and showed me this post. Ha!

Glad you were spared any damage. Crazy rain around here lately. I guess we really need the wet, but wish it would spread out a little more over the year. :)

Are you guys still coming to PHX on Saturday? I'll send the bottles with Irene tomorrow afternoon when she leaves here from babysitting--if you're still around you can get them from her on your way home--if not, we'll figure out a way, even if I have to mail them.

Angie said...

It totally worked! SO much easier than what I was doing before. Thanks for the heads up.

Irene has the bottles. I sent all my size one nipples with them--there will be more nipples than bottles, but you may need them for the bigger bottles when you get them later in the summer (I'll send the size two nipples with the bigger bottles--we're using them now). I also sent a thing that i use to wash all the bottle stuff in the dishwasher. I had an extra one. Email me or call me if you have any questions once you get everything.