Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Can't Live on Cereal Alone!

Anyone who is familiar with the Sorensen Boys knows that they could argue this statement pretty reasonably! Dan and some of his brothers have LIVED and (might die) on cereal.
Our kids have always "treasured" their trips to Grandma's where there is ALWAYS plenty of stock and variety in cereal.
Being married to a Sorensen boy (a hot one might I add) AND one that can argue nutritional value pretty well...
***Besides the fact, that this "bread of life" sustains our family while I am nauseated and have little energy to cook dinner- I'm not gonna lie, my kids eat cereal for dinner about once a week!
(There, my dirty little secret is out and I feel no remorse!!!)

Being on a program called Coupon Sense may have sped that process along too. Particularly when we are getting boxes of cereal for 50 cents and under.

We {heart} COUPON SENSE.

After Dan's shopping trip last night~ Dan spent $34, saved $97, and our pantry looked like the above pictures!! You can't beat it!

NOW we just have to work on getting ourselves a MILK COW!


Trezise Momma said...

My kids have been eating cereal for dinner too! Anything that doesn't require me to cook, and has no smell is a plus in my book right now. I always make them eat a banana too, just to make myself feel better.

Selena and Russ!! said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. why do we have almost the same husband?? Russ would be in heaven if our pantry looked like that! I need to try that coupon sense thing. how does it work? man, why do they like cereal so much!?

Allison Barry said...

I am so delighted that you are pregnant. I am also delighted that you love coupons! I am so grateful for them.

Chelle said...

We don't eat that much cereal and I still buy it for dirt cheap. I can't resist the coupon deals!!

How convenient would that be if your pregnancy craving was CEREAL!!

Charie said...

Jonathan only allows sweet cereal on sweet Sundays. Once a week...Dan would never survive at our house :)

Did I miss your announcement???? CoNGRATS!!!!!

yane said...

Ah cereal! Weston eats cereal for an after dinner dessert/snack. I quickly learned as a newlywed not to be offended when my husband was hungry within an hour after dinner. Wish my metabolism worked that fast! Congrats on the nausea!

Russ said...

these pictures are BEAUTIFUL.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

WOWZERS!! That's a lot of cereal...and what a great deal! I too love cereal, and would probably eat it for every meal if I didn't have a family. In fact that's about what I did in college =)