Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Justin and Dan!

(Dan and Justin at our wedding standing in "the line" the true test of friendship! ha ha)
Soooo this year for Dan's Birthday I was out of town...however, I left him a gift certificate to go to a Diamondbacks game with one of Dan's best buds from elementary school through college (they even roomed together at BYU) who is also a SUPER sports fan-Justin. (Who happens to share the SAME birthdate as well!)
Justin always came with the package. Dan was rooming with him when we met, and there was never a lack of laughter when we were with him!
So now that we are all grown up and are raising LOTS of kids about 2 hours apart, sometimes opportunities slip past us to see each other as often as we like.
After this weekend...I am all the sadder that we do not live closer.
Whenever we go to Phoenix we try to fit in as much as possible to use our time effectively. In order to squeeze in the most of this weekend- we got in a trip to the temple (that we try to do once a month) before we headed over to Ang and Justin's house.
We are grateful we did get to the temple. It reminded us of the eternities, and that the everyday things just don't quite matter as much. It certainly re-aligned our "out of alignment marriage" that day (YES, we have those days).
We decided to start the "birthday date" at Justin and Ang's new home. They recently had their 2ND (YES that would be TWO) set of twins and a new home to boot. We HAD to go see both and revel in new baby breathe!
Then we headed over to Joe's Farm Grill for some dinner. AND it was some serious YUMMY! This place is retro with an organic menu. They grow most of the food they cook on the property and I was in love with that little green farm in the middle of the PHX desert! It was some serious good grub. (have I already said that?)
After we were through eating it was FOR SURE time to get to the game as it already had started. We parked our cars in a "sketchy" area... BUT it was cheaper AND the cars were still there when the game was through!Justin is a Dodgers we selectively chose the game they were playing the dodgers. Ang and I got some QUALITY conversation in while the boys watched and cheered.
It was quite the game. The pitcher for the dodgers got pretty SLAMMED in the face by a ball. I think that happens once a year (maybe) and we happened to be there. The guy was still moving as he was taken out on a backboard-so that is always good news. THEN the D-backs hit 2 home runs in the LAST up to bats to tie the game, and then ended up WINNING! Dan was all about cheering

So were the D-Backs BUT...

Justin was NOT thrilled (check out the look on his face)

We sadly departed with promises for another day- Until then...Good times, good times!

*AND a special shout out to our FAMILY babysitters who watched the 8 kids so we could have some grown up F-U-N!!!!


Angie said...

Hope it's OK: I'm stealing this blog post (minus a sentence or two) and putting it on my blog--guest author Alicia! Because I'm lazy like that (and want it documented).

Megan said...

My hubby & I LOVE Joe's Farm Grill! We go there every time we visit family in "The Valley"!

Trezise Momma said...

Happy Birthday to Dan! What a neat way to spend it, and how cool is that that he has a bud with the same birthday?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Sounds like a GREAT birthday celebration!!! How fun that you got to hang out with Angie & Justin. They are so cute--I love reading their blog.