Monday, August 3, 2009

Colton's Baptism!

On Saturday August 1st. Our first baby Colton was baptized!

I cannot believe where time has gone.

Things actually went very smoothly. There was allot of company, and allot to prepare for BUT it all came together (much to the help of my sister Amberlyn coming up) and I did not feel rushed or panicked at any point.

I felt the spirit numerous times that day.

We did the baptism with another family in our stake BUT were blessed to hear from both of the grandma's as one spoke on baptism and the other on the holy ghost.

I felt like they were perfect, and prepared specifically with Colton in mind.

Both grandpas were able to be witnesses, and we were able to have uncles and grandparents help confirm him.

(The Sorensen Clan)

It was such a full moment for me to see the generations of righteous examples my children have to support them in the most important aspect of their life...spiritual.

(The Hutchings Clan)

We were also touched by those friends & neighbors who took time out to be with us or wish us well.

It is events like these that we feel so loved and supported.

Our life is good.

(Colton and our Bishop, Bishop Olsen)

Probably one of the biggest eye openers was watching a video I compiled for Colton's baptism. It started with him as a baby and worked his way up through the years. I have said it before...I am in awe at what a little man we are growing.

I am so grateful I get to be his mom and watch this baby grow into a man. I am grateful he is CHOOSING good things. I can only hope and pray he continues to do this.

I know my testimony was strengthened. As I prepared Colton for the seriousness of the covenants he was going to make--it made me really reflect how I felt about them. I know that if he continues to live by these covenants only good and happy things will come of it.

I am glad I have spiritual guidance and the gospel in me and my families life!!!

It IS everything!


Anonymous said...

Such a special age, I love 8. Congrats:)

Trezise Momma said...

Congratulations to Colton! He sure looks handsome in his suit!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

OH wow he is sooo big! What an exciting milestone. How fun that you had so many family members there for his special day. Love your family photo--you guys are too cute!