Monday, August 3, 2009


Not only did we get some great Rawson and Sorensen LoVin' while in Utah
We got some HUTCHINGS LOVIN' as well...
2 of my brothers (the cousin producing ones) live in Utah... so we mooched some prime bed and couch space from them on our way into and out of town~
The first night was the Provo/BYU brother (Kelby) and it was the 24th of July (we all know Utah gets into this pioneer holiday)
SO we drove into town with a HUGE fireworks show and sent the kids in the basement for a cousins sleepover while the grown-ups watched a projector movie well into the "wee hours"
On the way out of town we did the same thing except the cousins slept in a tent, AND it was at my works for the church/SLC brother's (chad) abode
HOWEVER...MY GRANDFATHER was having his 92nd BIRTHDAY while we were in Park City--so we snuck over the day before to be the first to sing to him
So here are some shots of my children with their Great Grandpa and Grandma Hutchings
I am grateful for the time they have with them BUT I wish they knew them as I did
They have served as mission presidents 2x's in Switzerland and Africa
My Grandfather was an accomplished physician
and a great GRANDPA!
I always went to his home while in college to get away from it all. I always felt the spirit there. There home was always a haven for me, where we ate outdoors with lots of fresh vegetables (usually from his garden), played the harmonica, held family home evenings, ate huge tubs of ice cream, ate off of the candy cart, swung in the hammock, had group dates, rode the tandem bicycle, listened to the organ.....
Happy Birthday Grandpa! I LOVE YOU
Hutchings LOVIN' at its finest!!!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

Sweet post about your grandparents. How nice that they were so close by during college!