Saturday, August 8, 2009


Thursday August 6, 2009 Summer Officially ended for us, as it was...
Colton entered 3rd grade and Sterling is in 1st grade
We had Back To School Night Wednesday the 5th.
We are very happy with their classroom placements this year!
OF COURSE--our traditional bus cakes were made
(and delivered to visiting teaching families)
We saved THE BEST cake for Grandma's Camp!
(we had to coordinate these back to school activities around grandmas' camp that was taking place at Dead Horse state park and Aunt Cara's house)



Hey There Adair said...

Well congratulations!! I didnt even know you was prego until I was looking at your blog tonight!! We will have another one close in age!!

Trezise Momma said...

Your boys look so grown up for their first day of school!

Dawn said...

Hooray! School has started! They look so excited and grown up...hope they enjoy this year! Hope you are taking care of yourself, Alicia...and that you had a nice visit with your parents and sister...and that you didn't over-do!!!(like making applesauce!) Be careful! See you this weekend!

wilkinson_fam said...

You're prego? That's what I get for reading you on google reader. CONGRATS! What a lucky babe to come into your home.

And what a great-looking elementary school. How fun. I must admit, you are the earliest school start I have heard of in quite some time. Hopefully you get off sooner to compensate!

Megan said...

I can't believe how big your boys are! And what cuties too!! I wish we would have had time to come and meet the family while we were in Flagstaff. Next time I will for sure let you know...maybe you will be home?!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh your boys are SO handsome...and looking so grown-up! Love the bus cakes as always--you are such a fun mom!