Friday, August 21, 2009

The Reunion/Funeral

Grandpa's funeral was exactly what we thought it would be and more
After barely getting there on time-hitting unexpected road work. We rushed in only to have Colton tell us that he was going to throw up (after getting car sick playing his game boy the whole way up)-THANK HEAVENS for Uncle Clint who took over and stayed with him until he felt better. Then those 2 shared cozy seating on the family rows.
Otherwise the day went down without a hitch!
As expected I learned so much more about this amazing man. There was so much more to the untold acts of service. He "adopted" children with a lamanite housing program, took on hobos, did not hold poor families w/ children very accountable in paying their bills, or others. He never turned anyone asking for help away...and because of this people thought he was well off. Little did they know that he worked 17 hour days w/ no room for sick days, vacations of time to hunt. He WORKED hard and was up at 3:30-4:30am. It really made me sit back and think about all the times I have complained about losing Dan so much to work.
He felt the harder you worked the more you would forget your pain. He offered education to all his children....oh, and the list went on.
It was great to hear a story he had written about buying his first car, or the poem his sisters had written about him years ago. He was soo shy but would sweep my grandma off her feet... quite literally, quite often ( I LOVED that).
I LOVED just listening and could have sat there for hours listening to story after story.
The kids did quite well considering.
Dacie stole the show that day with great grandpa's sisters (and others) with her Shirley Temple curls! She gave a hug to anyone who asked.
Much family was there, and we all enjoyed eating LOTS and LOTS of Klondike bars and pops that Grandpa use to sell and deliver!
We also enjoyed the simple pine casket and wildflowers in old glass milk jars.
(Great Grandma and Colton above, Colton and Grandpa below)

We enjoyed being reunited with family and smiling at the memories!
Evening came too soon and we headed home.
We ended the beautiful day driving home to a beautiful sunset...
AND dodging elk, coyotes, and deer the whole way (how appropriate)

Not a child was awake by the time we got home.

Sleep peacefully...

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Ana said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that there was Dr. Thunder on the tables. Now that's my kind of a funeral. I'm glad that you were all able to celebrate his life together! I always love your posts!