Thursday, April 2, 2009

We {HEART} Firefighters!!!!!

A couple of months ago-Ryland's Preschool group went to the fire station for a tour.
Ryland made sure he wore his fireman turtleneck,
AND from what I heard from the mom's who took them...
he was the only kid who raised his hand when they asked who wants to be a fireman when they grow up!
(however that changed to a race car driver when he was filling out info for a quilt later in preschool)

This past Monday 3/31 Sterling's teacher called and asked me to help her with the kindergartners field trip to lo and behold...
Now, I have gone on a tour or two of the fire station, BUT this go-round was a bit different.
It was at the fire station CLOSEST to our house (I have never visited this one)
AND they did a whole bunch of cool things they normally did not do with preschoolers or playgroup[!!
--LIKE this GREAT puppet show.
I never knew firefighters could make GREAT birds on the side...he was hilarious!!!
They had all the kids "Gear Up"
HOLY HEAVY Batman!!!
IF the firemen are NOT hot because they are around fire...they certainly are because of their clothes!!!
This is the busiest fire station in the Verde Valley--and they had 3 emergency calls while we were there and watching-
BOY! They can REALLY hustle and get out of there quick
One of the CALLS was to OUR STREET
it was a residential fire, AND for those of you familiar with our street we have a total of only 7 homes in a cul-de-sac soon as I heard the call I wondered if I had left a candle burning!
I called the neighbor and found out it was someone up the street who had burned a pizza!
I mean, I was grateful our street and home were safe
BUT after seeing how much effort goes into a call
Really? ...Pizza?
They took some of the kids oxygen levels, and also graphed their electrical heart beats

Why not let them axe through a door too?

They also got to spray the fire hose and try to knock down orange cones

...and also took a tour of the facility

They learned how to crawl low and check fire alarms

It was certainly educational, entertaining and...

~We {HEART} Fire fighters~

Sterling also raised his hand when they asked who wants to be one when they grow up--

Considering I was pretty dead set on it when I was a little girl (they even had a GIRL fire fighter there that day!)--it runs in the family!!!!


Anonymous said...

That was one of my favorite field trips with preschool! The kids loved getting in the fire truck and one year they got to hold the fire hose and spray it, oh yeah and it was FREEEEE!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

That looks awesome!! I bet the kids had so much fun! That firestation goes all out!