Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Wedding!

Pretty much (no lie)...the moment we stepped out of the car the wedding festivities began.
The kids started dying Easter Eggs while some of the adults helped Shaun pick out music for his reception.
After the kids were in bed SUPER late we started a low-key bachelor parTAY!
And although the weather called for rained on the way there BUT did not rain or snow for pictures or the ceremony! We rarely even had to wear jackets

Even though it was colder--Dacie found some hints of spring
It was such a sweet and long awaited union for them. It has been a fight of patience and growth. They dated for 2 years after my brother got home from his mission. She then decided to serve a mission. He did not wait...but it just worked out that way. Upon her return it was a time for Shaun to heal his hurt and for them to get to know one another a year after her mission (she served on temple square thus the reason for the SLC temple)--the DAY WAS FINALLY HERE!
They were so blissfully happy and outwardly in love. They were in their own little world while taking pictures and the day was absolutely theirs. It was tender to finally see their levels of devotion meet.
...It could not help but rub off on the old married Sorensen's (ha ha ha)
Their union was such a happy reunion for me on so many levels.
I saw my own family for the first time in almost a year--
BUT I also got to spend time with MY (the Dan Sorensen) little family---alone and away from our "world". We got to talk about temples, and marriage, and show them places they have only heard about or seen on the TV.
I always treasure time with no work for our little family, as we have to work hard for it--and because it comes at a price. I will always treasure family trips.

Dacie and Dan always treasure extra time together as well!

It was a sweet reunion of grandpa's too! My grandfather's health has been ailing BUT we were able to get him to come for the wedding festivities (ceremony, luncheon and reception) and I got to spend about 20 or so minutes of un-interrupted time with him (as I forgot my temple recommend and he had to come early)--with no kids or other relatives around. That has NOT happened since I had been in college. I LOVE that man!
Dacie got her own quality grandpa time as well~
OH Gosh, and can you say COUSINS!!!!!
Because we live a state away we RARELY get to be with our cousins on the Hutchings side.
AND we provide many BOYS amidst 2 families !
They LOVE to get together--
Add the 2 princesses to the lot and it is COMPLETE....bedlam! ha ha ha
The sealing ceremony was performed by the apostle Elder L. Tom Perry (who served as a counselor w/ my grandfather when he was a stake pres. in California). It was like attending a general conference session with him speaking on the roles of families and union. He is SO TALL (even for being older) and he is quick witted and has such a sense of humor that had everyone in the room smiling (as we had to wait for some time for my grandfather).
As we left that day we took some time to let the kids take it all in, as they had never been to temple square before

We even got to show them the new conference center!
Well...maybe Dad was more in a rush than some of us!
Some stories have HaPpY EnDiNgS!!!!!


Emily said...

These photos are beautiful! I love the flowers, the temple and the adorable children. Plus, that picture of you with your family is stunning! You look beautiful! A great family vacation indeed!

Angie said...

Yay for your brother! All the photos you took are amazing. Such a beautiful temple and grounds. And you look gorgeous, girl!!

Trezise Momma said...

That was a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your family trip with us, and congrats to your brother and his new wife. What a eneat story.

THE ORMES said...

I love going to weddings in the family. Being at the temple with family and having the kids be there . . . you just can't beat the experience and the wonderful feelings you feel.

I just laughed at Ryland in your family pictures. March 19th babies . . . need I say more!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh it looks like you had an AWESOME time! I love the pictures--there's nothing like Utah spring flower pics. You look beautiful Alicia, and also I LOVE Dacie's hair--she looks so adorable!

Anne said...

Looks like a fun vacation!
Can I just say, how wonderful are cousins!? Love those cousin pics and all the others!