Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Reception...I mean, REUNION!

A wedding day typically does NOT conclude until you have a F-U-N reception!
TO CeLeBratE!
AND for those of you who know my family...we KNOW how to CELEBRATE!!!

We had some serious dancing, food, trashing the car AND an embarrassing skit/spoof put on by our family during the program!
BUT as most of you are aware my brother unselfishly shared his wedding celebrations with ANYONE who wanted to come see our family, regardless if they knew Shaun or not.

I was absolutely "touched" by those who made their way to a reception just to come and see me. I spent a majority of the evening catching up with lost and definitely LOVED old friends....

I was always a bit sad to have missed my High School reunions. We have had our 10 and 15 year ones.
In fact, I am still sad that we have NOT made our way back EAST,yet, to show my children where I spent a majority of my life!
HOWEVER...I can hardly complain because MARYLAND made its way to me that night, and we had our own little reunion!
Back in my beginning blogging days when I somehow had MUCH more time to do COOL posts and my creativity and wit were evident. I would have been able to track down old pictures of me with these SUPER friends....but until THAT post comes, you will have to use your imagination about how we all looked "back then"
One of my dearest friends in High School was Danielle Danver . We were sporty girls together..particularly basketball. She was a kindred spirit and despite the lower number of members, of our faith in our area and high school--she was one of the ones who chose to live higher standards despite not being LDS. I always enjoyed hanging out with her and always felt like I could trust her with anything. We went away to college with that undeniable respect for one another and lost each other through the years...
She left Virginia, and was vacationing in Utah visiting relatives during the EXACT same time as the reception. She dressed her family up and drove 40 minutes-- and was waiting for me upon my arrival to the reception!
It was such a happy reunion for me. It felt like we were picking up right where we had left off in High School. I am grateful for phones, emails and blogs that had filled in the other lost precious time before we met up again.
She is now Danielle Layne, has married a GREAT guy and has had 3 girls!!!!
Her girls MADE the reception!!!! They LOVED on Dacie like she was a movie star. They were the dancing queens of the night and were crying when they had to leave. They caught the bouquet AND helped make the party complete.
It made me wish we lived closer so we could get our families together for play-dates. There are some sacrifices in marriage, and giving up the East coast was one of those for me. However, I am committed to returning one day...

Another friend whom I have missed dearly was Melinda Baum or BAUMERS!!!!
Her and I played softball for quite a few years together (until she up and quite on me our senior year! ha ha). She began to express interest in learning more about our church AND through an unplanned lunch with the sister missionaries AND our already forged friendship she was FINALLY baptized AFTER her freshman year at WVU.
She spent allot of time with our family and they have always considered her one of us!
She went on a mission before me, transferred to UVSC... and Utah became her 2nd home.
While she served a mission her family was baptized. Through no fault of her own she has faced many lonely trials BUT amidst those trials she has a very successful job in the healthcare profession, gotten a masters, boughten a home, all while I got married and began being consumed with raising a family.
***BTW- All you single fellas out there--here is your chance!!!! (she will KILL ME for writing this)
We have not talked for seeing her was such happiness to my heart.
We could tell you a tale or two from highschool through college and some serious scary single ward ones too!
Oh, how I LOVE my BAUMERS!


Cindy Kirkham a.k.a GIG-was one of "The GIRLS" in our YW ward posse! She went to the same H.S but was a year below us (us...meaning Alin Bauchiero and I) and we did not see her as often then-- HOWEVER when it came to any church activities, sleepovers, b-ball games, youth conferences, girls camp, birthdays--she was our girl. Oh, how we were a sassy bunch. It was SOOO FUN to meet up with her (since I have seen her very little and briefly since HS) as she has settled down in the SLC area with a great hubby and BEAUTIFUL children!!! Joe Oliver a.k.a JOPI- was one of the coolest guys to hang out with the early years of High School--he moved away to Utah too soon! you can see some of our old school photos on facebook as well!! Him and I stayed in touch through college and his mission. He is VERY good about being a great friend and taking time to see you. He even stopped at my in-laws in Phoenix to chat one day on his way out of town. Again he pulled through for the friendship team and despite a BUSY Saturday of soccer games for his family, he came and said HI!!!!
Rachel Lovejoy (isn't that the coolest last name ever!?)- was one of my YOUNG WOMEN (from Maryland)!!! AAAHH!! When I got home from my mission I was called to serve with the Young Women at girls camp. I got to go to hang with the young women even before camp and fall in love with them--SWEET RACHEL was one of them! She ironically dated my brother Shaun (whose wedding it was) a few times and hung with his youth crowd. She was always a phenomenal spirit and now she is a returned missionary and graduating from BYU!!! WHAT?!!! Where does time go? I am getting O-L-D!

Last BUT NOT least were 2 of my room-mates from my senior year at BYU (pre-mission). Shaunie "Poo-Poo" McPherson and Janae Wright. They drove over an hour the night before Easter (without having all their kids Easter taken care of yet) to come and see ME!!!!I can safely say that the group of roommates that year were absolutely perfect. They were so what I needed that year after having a BAD experience the year before--I had prayed and fasted for them. They were mature and serious FUN! I felt safety and comfort with them. They got me on my mission with absolute support, and we have always kept in touch! I could hug and squeeze them forever when I see them and sit down around a fire and tell stories for HOURS!!!
By the end of the night my face was frozen in a smile. I felt a little bit guilty not being able to spend ALLOT more time with each of them. I could take some serious vacations and spend some serious time with all of them! Utah is so full of people I love, friends and family alike. I wish I could take weeks of vacation and overstay my welcome with all of them!
Shaun's wedding was happy for me for so MANY REASONS.
My life has been so full of GREAT people, and the reception was evidence of that for me!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh how fun that you got to meet up with so many old friends. Isn't facebook too fuN?! It's so great to see how people are doing and reconnect. I'm glad you had such a fun & enjoyable trip!

Emily said...

Does it get exhausting being so pretty? Just curious! You have a winning smile, you know. :)