Monday, April 27, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

I RAN THE 2 MILE RACE!!!or I should say ran a majority of it....(yes, I had to start and stop a few times)
Granted is was a fun/run walk
AND my time has MUCH to be desired
I still am super happy that I did it
(BUT for those of you who know me...even in my serious PRIME running has never been my forte)
This was my first time in the racing atmosphere...and it is contagious--
you get all pumped, and your adrenaline is flowing
It makes you want to become a homeopathic health nut and keep running until it gets easy and you look as good as the marathoners (which some of my closest friends WON) in their running skirts do!
I ran part of the way with a 10 yr. old...I would LOVE for this to become a family affair. After Dan saw the time of a fellow physical therapist who won the 2 miles--he says he can do it that quickly I may have snagged him into it as well--(however he was still in bed when I got done with my race!)
I placed 35th respectively (there was a couple 100 entered, granted most of them were walking) and I did it under a half an hour (which was my average)-- AND that is after passing the mile mark and going to the next water station, because I was not sure if I turned around at the mile marker (or the next water station). They had these cool microchips on our shoes (that times us, paced, us, etc.) and I did NOT want to register as NOT completing the race--so I ran a little bit extra just to be sure... as well as had a quick hugging chat with Colton's school teacher that I ran into as well!
I actually saw allot of friends and Young Women there--it was a happy, healthy get together!
So not bad considering I had not gotten below that time on all my solo runs! I took a picture of the results to prove to myself that I had done it!
Now I just need to find some more races around here that are NOT more than 2 miles (I am afraid I will NEVER be at the caliber of marathons AND I am OK with that)


Fringers said...

YOU DID IT!!! Way braver then me! GOOD JOB

Trezise Momma said...

I am so happy for you and this accomplishment! How awesome!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

WAY TO GO!! That is so awesome Alicia! I'm not much of a runner myself either, so hats off to you!

emily said...

Awesome! I still want to join in the next race. . . let me know when you are going to do another one. :)

Amy and the boys said...

Congrats on your 1/2 marathon. I could never do that...