Monday, April 27, 2009


Last Friday 4/17 our stake was invited to do a "mormon" prom with Flagstaff stake.
So as stake leaders we headed up to the mountains--to see how it all went 'down'!
It was PHENOMENAL-they had the best decorations I have EVER seen for a prom!
The dinner was delicious and they would not let us help--they were fully staffed and everyone had their assignments.
That stake has enough depth that someone has the calling for the year to prepare for mormon prom--(she even went and borrowed a wheel from a ship, from a local opera).
Obviously it was a cruise line theme.
Our stake YW presidency did the professional pictures (or I should say my friend Janae--the 0ne on the ladder ALL night) we spent most of the evening taking and posing the kids for pictures!
Don't we have good-lookin' group?
It was FUN way to spend a Friday evening (with the youth and the other leaders)--we did not get home until after 1am (and then I had to wake up early to run the next morning...LOVE IT!)
I am an advocate of prom. It was so much nicer than my proms/formal dances, it was FREE!!!, You did not have to worry about everyone arriving drunk, and you did not have to worry about the music or the dancing...I say these kids get the "hook-up"..I hope it is around when my kids get older!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh that looks so awesome! I bet the youth had a blast.

emily said...

What a fun thing! I want to go! :)

momster said...

You didn't even mention the MODEST DRESSES! Woo Hoo! You would not believe what the girls wore to my son's senior prom last month, or should I say didn't wear!