Monday, April 27, 2009


Colton and Sterling will FOREVER be ingrained in my mind at this age (1 AND a 6 months old) THEN they bring home class pictures LIKE THIS!!!!...and I think to myself--WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!
I still refuse to believe it is them.
I still think I can grab both of them and hold them in my arms
On a BRAGGING momma note:
Colton brought home this check to order anything he wants out of the school warehouse because HE WON THE SCHOOL DISTRICT WIDE COLORING CONTEST!!!!
His artwork will appear in the school districts calendar for next year. (I NEVER even saw the picture he drew--they did it all at school).
We are pretty proud of him!!!

AAAAHHHH! Please slow down...


Trezise Momma said...

They are getting so big, even if I havn't known them since they were itty bitty. Congrats to Colton and his uber coloring skills!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh THAT Is how I remember Colton & Sterling too. WOW they do grow up fast. They're handsome little guys! Yay on winning that contest Colton--way to go!

Angie said...

That top picture of your chubby faced babes is SO dang cute. Can't believe how old they look now!

The Montez Family said...

Cute boys! They grow so fast. We just figured the other night our oldest will only be with us for 9 more years before a mission:( so sad!

Dawn said...

what wonderfully handsome boys! They must have wonderfully handsome grandparents! (not to mention their parents!) Miss you all!

emily said...

It is crazy how quickly kids grow up. I remember getting told that when my first was a baby, and I was like, "yeah, whatever" but it was true!

Allison Barry said...

ah they are so sweet. It makes me sad that they are so old, too. I remember how obsessed I was with Colton as a baby- he was downright beautiful! He still is...all of your babies are!