Friday, April 24, 2009

The Closing Chapter of Utah

So After getting all our things collected and packed from a whirlwind weekend, and got the kids dressed -we left my brother Chad's NEW house in SLC and headed South to Provo. We wanted to get closer to the direction we had to drive the next day AND we wanted to visit and see so many things
AS WITH MOST who travel with BIG families... we ran out of time to do EVERYTHING we wanted to do! and unfortunately we were unable to make visits to family members we wanted too--I am telling you, I really could visit Utah for weeks and play with cousins, visit Grandparents, have game nights with Aunts and Uncles every day and night--For now, I am content with the time I do see them!
HOWEVER...we were able to lay Dacie down for a MUCH needed long nap at my brothers house while Dan and I took the boys to our Alma Mater and visited BYU CAMPUS!
It was so FUN to be back at the BEAUTIFUL campus and show the boys around.
The boys were actually VERY interested in it--and wanted to see and do everything there.
After a few hours of it they were done, but I think Dan and I could have walked around a few more hours and looked at how much had changed BUT also visit ALL the places we were absolutely consumed by for our young adult life!
I think we may have converted the boys as Sterling was telling me how we needed to move tto Utah when he was bigger so he could go to school there. I told him that we actually drive him there and then drop him off--how cool is that? School with NO PARENTS!!!

The boys were fascinated with the underground library.
While there we found the world globe...and of course, they wanted to see where we lived on it!
I will forever be fond of these mountains, and the views I walked around and saw most days
The boys even got a bell tower concert on our way back to the car!
I have forgotten how much culture is available for free or cheap there, as well. The boys LOVED the art museum (below) and wanted to keep looking..but we knew we would never make it through campus if we did not encourage them to hurry. Again, I would love to spend more time in Utah where we could let them play as long as they like!
OF COURSE, we had to buy some BYU Creamery Ice Cream--we were NOT disappointed

Then it was off to the BYU bookstore to let the kids pick one BYU present each!
The boys even caught a Frisbee at the WILK from the campus life, advertising the spring it was the last day of classes AND the last day of NICE WEATHER!
After the boys grew tired--we started to head back to my brother Kelby's apartment (he is a student at BYU)
BUT NOT without visiting one more person, my BEST FRIEND from High School--Alin Bauchiero
Her husband has gone back to school and opened some pizza franchises in Provo.
We RARELY get together anymore (due to growing families and distance), which was UNLIKE high school where we were in-separable at times.
She just had a her fourth AND fifth baby (a set of unexpected twins; girl and boy).
I had to swing by and hold and kiss them... I was too close to pass them by! They were beautiful!
I am so glad I did. It is always treat when we can re-connect and talk about things just like we use too, BUT now they are 'mommy' things! (Like raising girls and boys, serving in our stake young Women presidencies, diapers, nursing, labor...etc.)--Its GREAT!
I will always consider her a dear friend, because we do just pick up where we leave off!
Kelby and Amber-Rose watched Dacie for hours and let her get qulaity time with Mikkelle (her only girl cousin the Hutchings side--that we have only seen one other time) and treated us to a warm meal. The kids enjoyed learning baby sign language with Aunt Amber Rose right before bed (above)!
Then it was off to the kids last night of sleeping bags and air mattresses (you think Sterling is getting too big for his?-ha ha) . REALLY, that is a treat for them. They passed up offers of beds--because they wanted to sleep on the floors!!
Even with a large family we are grateful there are some brave souls that still want us (or accept us) staying at their homes--to keep our cost to a minimum!!!
The next morning BAD weather arrived again, and we packed up and drove away from it, back to sunny Arizona (where the weather has been pretty much perfect)
It was a BUSY couple of days-BUT we never felt stressed, or rushed, sometimes tired, we enjoyed the moment... AND we just want more!!!
Sorry for those we were unable to see, or missed out on quality time with--OUR doors are ALWAYS open here in Arizona!
We are hoping to make it back this summer....until then


THE ORMES said...

BYU is awesome and SOOOOO different. I about died at how many things had changed, but I guess in 10 years a lot can change. Tom's already told our girls that's where they're going. It's just too wonderful of an experience.

I'm jealous of all the fun you had!!! But you deserved it with your crazy whirlwind of a life!!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh seeing pictures of BYU makes me so nostalgic! I loved it there & can't wait to show my girls someday (that is if Jim the BYU hater will let me =).

That pic of them learning sign language is sooo funny--mainly because I thought they were all picking their noses at the same time!! Glad you explained the photo--haha. Sterlings sleeping bag cracked me up too--he's such a cute kid!