Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pre-S-chool day-S!!!

Preschool was at our home last week -with the LETTER S
... AND despite our rampant sickness
(we took Dacie into the doctors AGAIN this week--she has an ear infection after just finishing her first round of antibiotics AND bad allergies).
We were able to postpone preschool until the end of the week-rather than the typical Monday. That is one blessing of being in a mothers preschool swap, is the flexibility and understanding of sickness.
I have been really pleased with how the swap has turned out this year. It has satisfied all my needs for Ryland--AND then some.
It is so great to work with such creative momma's!!!
What a reputation you have to live up to..so this S week was no exception!
We had a GRAND time making Spaghetti S's (right Sean?)
Unlike some of the other letters in the alphabet the kids had an easier time writing and shaping the letter S
Dacie even took her own shot at it (above)
Snack time of Skittles is always a fun treat! Spencer showing off his letter S
Ryland smiling with his
Makena's S!
Of Course Safety starts with S-so our weeks theme was safety
stranger safety
bike safety
...you name it!
A bike safety course we set up in our driveway with street signs, has always been a preschool hit!
Spencer the speed demon!

Dacie was so proud of herself--she just had to clap!Sean is speedy!
A stop sign with the help of Isaac

Ryland the racer (or so he thinks)

Makena's making it!


We had a Super S week!

How about you?


TexasTwinsTwice said...

SSOOOOOOO cute & darling!! You always do such a good job! Dacie looks like she fits right in with the big kids! Can't wait until we can all do this with our little ones.

Trezise Momma said...

What cute ideas for preschool. Almost makes me want to join in. Almost. :)

Chelle said...

You are a super mom! Such fun ideas. I've been on hiatus from reading blogs and don't know if I missed the whole Biggest Loser call back...yes, no, not yet?

Emily said...

Sure wish I lived over there and I could have my twins join in all the fun. The kids look happy and seem to be learning some fun and good things. Nice work!