Sunday, March 22, 2009

PaTtY's DaY SoReNsEn StyLe! (adapted from Hutchings Style))

A breakfast of Leprechaun Champions...a few good bowls of
(and a few fights later over the in-box PRiZE)
Sadly, today I attended the funeral of one of the first people to love us in Cottonwood- our "candy man grandpa" at church-as well as my dear friends father
Norman Allred.
I was sitting in stake meeting with him a few months ago (since he served in the stake YM presidency)--his illness was swift and unforgiving.
It was appropriate his funeral was today(St. Patty's) he was full of life and jokes. He was the only 70 something year old man that could still play capture the flag in the woods with the YM, and was an absolute practical jokster.
Being the Visiting teacher to his daughter I helped bring in dessert for the luncheon for his family...and I made clover sugar cookies to help celebrate his life that day!
It was one of the best funerals I have been too.
After making and icing 3 dozen cookies--they certainly served their purpose between our 2 families!
While I was at the funeral and the boys were waiting for Dacie to wake up from her nap(by playing with grandma Hutchings green play-doh and watching Darby o'Gill) at Aunt Cara's house...
LEM the 'naughty' leprechaun paid a little messy visit to our home
leaving plenty of footprints and gold behind!
AND although I heard it took LEM over an hour to MAKE the mess..
MY BOYS have never had such a desire to clean so quickly...without me even having to prod--and had it ALL cleaned up in no time!

Lem takes after our hearts and likes to read too!

NOT only did Lem leave a mess, gold, and footprints...but his underwear got stuck in the door on his way out!
While watching Disney's Gnomemobile Daddy came home and treated us all to
a GREEN Breakfast for dinner!

Oh, and you better believe we wore our GREEN well!
Colton said I NEVER have pictures of me (on the contrary!)
SO Here's to you BIGGEST LOSER!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh you always know how to celebrat in STYLE!!! We ate lucky charms, and the celebrations ended with that--haha! =)

I was sad about Bro. Allred's passing. I heard his funeral was amazing. I will always remember him dancing up a storm at the youth dances. What a sweet, sweet man he was!

Trezise Momma said...

I am impressed by your St. Patty's day celebrations. How fun.
It was very appropriate that Brother Allred's funeral was on St. Patricks day.

Emily said...

You do the funnest things for every holiday. . . or so it seems. I was wanting to watch Darby O' Gill the other day too. I really need to buy it, if I can find it, that is.