Thursday, March 19, 2009

Toilet Training is for the Strong in Stomach!!

Yes, that IS fecal matter EVERYWHERE--the lid on the toilet is the worst!
I have NEVER had a child show an aggressive interest in toilet training!
...UNTIL DACIE (there is always a first!)
She has always loved to strip, and take on and off clothes.
Lately those clothes have included her diapers.
After watching everyone else in the house go to the bathroom on the toilet-I OFTEN found her totally naked, toilet paper EVERYWHERE, sitting on the pot. She mercilessly removed her diaper despite what it contained in it. I begged her to let mommy remove it...BUT my pleas were in vain.
I have felt that although she has expressed a real interest, she is not quite mature enough to realize the urge to urinate ( however she has commented on the other form of bathroom use) NOR connect any form of reward to using the toilet. She just thought I was being a cool mom who gave her a sticker and a treat for fun.It was more of a matter of novelty.
BUT so many experts and experienced advised otherwise telling me that I was losing my window of opportunity to toilet train her.
No diapers had a nice ring to I gave in, and decided I would ease into toilet training.
I pulled out the potty training toilet.
There were a few accidents where things ended up IN the toilet, and she enjoyed seeing me jump up and down in celebration.
One time she started going number 2 BUT insisted on putting the diaper back on where she promptly went in it--and then immediately wanted me to remove it and for her to sit on the toilet.
I was going through diapers like they were going out of style...because they were off and on and most the time had a little bit of something in them.
It was tiring and I spent allot of time running in and out, taking on and off--not to mention how on EARTH do you teach a girl to wipe properly? (front to back) I spent allot of time wiping and telling her to stop her own messy wiping as well. I was trying to allow her to see that it was OK to do it.
UNTIL-Saturday. I kept hearing the toilet flush (which is always a bad sign in our house) and Dan walked into the kids bathroom and scream!! EWE! oh MY!! EWE! ALICIA GRAB YOUR CAMERA!!
To which I found this (and the pictures do not do it justice)
Dacie had removed her diaper which had poop in it. She decided to try to wipe herself and throw it in the trash and toilet. It was on the floors, walls, Dacie's hands were covered (to which they went straight to her face, when Dan started yelling).The toilet was clogged with an entire container of wipes. It was a literal murder scene of pooh!
After a bottle of bleach, baths, the toilet thrown in the trash, and a good hour of cleaning. Toilet training has been officially "called off". We have NOW resorted to the duct tape form of diapering (below).

AND for any of those experts and experienced who feel otherwise... you are WELCOME to help her--BUT you HAVE to clean it up!


THE ORMES said...

Potty training girls . . . I hate to admit, but must be totally honest . . . it is not easy. With my strong-willed Taylor, I just waited until she was 3+. As for the wiping . . . well just plan on monitoring her for a LONG time. Taylor (who just turned 5 today) is still working on mastering that whole concept, and that picture you took is a TOO familiar scene. Good luck!!!!

Kariann said...

hahaha!!! This post totally made my day!! I'm sure glad I'm not in that situation yet!! Good luck!! :)

Trezise Momma said...

Will and I got a good laugh over your post. I have also used duct tape to discourage little one's from removing their diapers. Too funny. I love Dacie!

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I am SO NOT looking forward to this.

Kara said...

Another wonderful moment in the life of a mother. Good luck.

kk Leilani said...

gotta love duct fixes almost anything. You are hilair. much love! so miss you!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh so sorry Alicia!! I say put the diapers back on for a while--I don't blame you!! We are big fans of duct tape over here too. With M & M I had to wrap it ALL the way around their diapers and have it end in the back....otherwise they'd find where it ended and unwrap themselves--seriously!!!

Good luck with the potty training in the future!! (I am saying that to myself as well of course! =)