Monday, March 23, 2009


On the kids "even" birthdays they get to have a friend party. I try to limit the number of children to the age they are turning (i.e.-turning 4, have 4 friends over). So as Ryland's b-day approached I was NOT surprised that he was already requesting what kind of party he wanted-
...however, I WAS surprised by the theme he chose. It wasn't race cars, or transformers, or spiderman, or ninjas..or something boyish like that --he wanted a "BUNNY" party. I asked him if he was sure and there was no question, Bunny won hands-down.
Having his birthday this time of the year made it ALL the I RAN with it!
We stamped some FUN bunny invites (thanks to Micheal's Easter bins)
and included some of those bunny stamps in their party bags with stickers, jelly beans, and bunny chalk!
The Decorations had to be a manly bunny color, of course!
Bunny Plates were NOT hard to find!AND the BUNNY cake, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.
To Dan's benefit. He cooked the cakes the night before (After the spaghetti dinner auction desserts, funeral cookies, playgroup cupcakes, and a birthday cake...I was about baked out!) AND he also did the streamers.
Good thing because the cutting and icing of the cake took some time the next morning.
Thank heavens Uncle John (he was ON the party invite list by Ryland's special request) and Aunt Cara came over to help!
We started by decorating our own bunnies.
Then we moved on to a bunny relay race.
Dress like a bunny in white,
put on some ears,
and eat some bunny food (carrots and celery) FiRST!
Good thing it was spring break because all of the other "party go-ers" opted out of this game and Ryland's brothers pulled through in the pinch.

and of course, Uncle Big Bad John!

Onto a MAD game of "popcorn"

and plain ol' parachute FUN

Then it was time for Cara and I to show off our artistic abilities AND...

face-paint us some BuNnIeS!!!
Then onto melted, malted egg hunt in the back yard
The kids did not mind licking it off their may have ruined some of the fun in their party bags however!
Then it was FINALLY time for the cake and presents!
One of Ryland's presents was money inside blown up balloons (cute idea kashley).
Everyone was too scared to do it.
Finally... I awkwardly popped them with scissors!
Then we enjoyed some cake before heading outside to draw bunnies on the driveway with our bunny shaped chalk (thanks again Michael's)!
All good things must come to an end...and we sadly said good-bye to our bunny buddies!
BUT when daddy got home....
it was ROUND II
Since we rarely let our children get happy meals, it is always their birthday treat to go get one
& Ryland's dinner was no exception!
FOR ROUND II on the cake, you could definitely begin to see it disappear
There was NO complaints about more presents
(including a kangaroo costume from Gma H)
AND cards!
Mom-even broke down and bought him a "pet"--
we'll see how long Mermaid and Termaid last (our hermit crabs) can last!

Oh-How we LOVE that RYLAND joined our Family.
He is such a necessary personality and cuddler in our life.
I love looking at him and seeing me (he is the one closest to how I looked).
Ryland could not stop smiling for most the day...and there was hardly one "melt-down" which is a pretty big "feat" these days-
oops! I meant BIG BOY
(as he would have assuredly corrected me)


Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

Happy Birthday Ryland! I cannot believe he is FOUR! His birthday party looked like lots of fun and your bunny cake was adorable! Did you take a cake decorating class ever? Im taking one right now and you are much better than me. Did you have a pan for that cake or what?!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh you always do such a cute job with your celebrations!!! Love the cake and fun games/activities--what a great day!