Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Wanna Grow Old with ME?

SCARY!! I know...
Really, this was my first attempt at looking like an older person, so you gotta cut me a little slack!
Our Ward did a birthday celebration for the Relief Society (the largest women's organization in the world) last night 3/10/09.
For that celebration we had a dinner and then did a play.
They asked me to participate in the "play", and before looking at my master calendar I accepted..not realizing I had stake meetings the same evening.
The play was titled Emma's Tea Party (as Emma Smith was the first general RS president). It talked allot about the times and era's that took place from the beginning, and each General Relief Society President would enter and speak a little part.
I was assigned Bethsheba Smith (I had wanted the cool name). Her presidency took place around the 1914's and she was older while she served.
So with a little bit of creative costuming between Marilyn Maier, my sister, Grandpa Sorensen's cane and I-- we came up with this little diddy, and it did the trick!
Then my sister and I had a few laughs as we pieced the hair and make-up together last minute as I arrived late (as usual)! Despite the fact, that Sterling got the stomach flu (our first one for the season) and I have babysat all week (could also have attributed to the late issue).
We have some talented people in our ward who enjoy productions (Christensen's), they have sound systems, and got spotlights, etc. We also have a talented piano player in our ward (Desiree McDowell). They had even decorated the stage, had lighting and we had practices to attend to. It was very well done, I felt, for a ward production (really...Not because I was in it).
I was able to balance a little bit of our stake meetings last night as well amidst the celebration.
I do miss performing, even if it is as an old lady
Overall...if old age could be like this, it wouldn't be so bad!


Danielle said...

You look a bit like Mary Poppins!

Trezise Momma said...

Your a cite older lady! I am sorry I missed your performance.

Emily said...

I was put in charge of our wards Relief Society "birthday" enrichment for this month. I have been so unmotivated. Luckily I enlisted the help of my neighbor. I bet you did great!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

How cute!!! I bet you did an AWESOME job!

The Montez Family said...

I think you look hot!