Sunday, March 15, 2009

On ToP of Spaghetti!!!!

On Thursday 3/12 the boys school had a fundraising spaghetti dinner.
After much "persuasion" from the boys (they kept hearing about it at school)--we relented and chalked it up as a "night we don't have to get dishes dirty"--and went as a family to check it all out!
They asked for donated dessert items to auction during the night. Of course, I feel like education is a great cause (as they keep budget cutting our tiny school district)-SO I took some of the left over play group cupcakes (after I had baked 3 dozen) and decorated them St. Patty's Day style!
I was a bit skeptical about plain ol' cupcakes selling for much--AND after I had put them in the freezer for an hour or two (so the icing would not stick all over everything) I was not sure they would taste like much either.
So it was all about presentation for me AND I made up a St. Patrick's Day Basket to sell them in.
Since Daddy's car is in the shop, I had taken the cupcakes earlier and by the time we picked up Dan from work, and Sterling had some more bouts of the stomach flu symptoms the cupcakes had sold. No less, to our neighbor's behind us....I hope they were worth their money. As the rest of the desserts were starting out at 30 dollars a pop! YIKES!!
As always Dan was a little disappointed with how little 15 dollars got us for dinner (Dacie LOVED it)... all for a good cause!
AND YES, EVERYONE sang ON TOP of SPAGHETTI to make a night of it!
We made it up to Dan and packed everyone in the car and ALL headed up to the church to go and watch his basketball game after.


Emily said...

Sounds like a fun night, for a good cause. We don't seem to have stuff like that over here. Just a Sonic night.. . . and who really wants Sonic for dinner? Blah!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

That St. Patty's day basket looks AWESOME! Great job on the presentation. Dacie looks so cute in those photos--and yay for no dinner dishes! =)

Trezise Momma said...

Poor Dan, they never feed him enough at those things! Will has a similar complaint! But it looked like fun anyway. I hope that Sterling is not sick, and his symptoms were a flase alarm.


can i celebrate my holidays with you guys?? everything seems so fun and so in style!