Friday, March 27, 2009

The Rest of OUR Spring Break!!!

Although Spring breaks HoLiDaY Celebrating (St. Patty's Day & Ryland's B-daY) kept us pretty busy...
Here is what we did to fill in the rest of our "spare" time! Colton's baseball season started this week! He is in coach-pitch (really kid pitch) this year.

We were excited that we could request teams. Colton gets to play with one of his fondest friends Dallin (who is in another school district) so they never get to see each other as often as they would like. Dallin's parents requested a team with a coach they really liked--so we got the same great coach. They practice 2 x's a week, until the season starts.

We are waiting to hear about Sterling's T-ball team which is LOADED with all of our FAVORITE people!

We played at the park a time or two...
as well as the river !
Friday we headed down to Phoenix to get some teeth cleaning done, as it was that time of year again!
ALL of us got cleaned and checked...including little miss Dacie (here she is, above, as we were loading the car up to head down to the valley).
Dacie ROCKED at the dentist. She let them clean her teeth with picks and scrubbers, and fluoride. She sat still long enough for x-rays (and bite wings at that) and let the Dentist look at her teeth as long as he wanted! All her teeth are in (even her 2 year molars). What a barely 2-year-old champ!

The only one who is going to need cavities filled and teeth pulled is...Colton (of course)
What better way to spend spring break than sleeping under the stars in Grandpa's backyard tent (thanks for setting it up Uncle Scotty 2 Hotty) and smelling the orange blossoms as you drift off to sleep?
oh yeah- and having Annie "the dog" (below) to keep you company back there?
The boys slept comfortably out there. It was perfect weather (not too hot-yet).
... of course, they had to cart remnants of Ryland's b-day down with them (balloon below). Ryland did get another cake while we were down there!
Stories were told by grandma every night, and they got their own water bottle (below) does not get much better than that?

Friday after work...daddy joined us (thanks for your help grandpa)
Saturday morning Dan took the kids to the library and then to lunch at Peter Piper Pizza. While I wet and got my hair highlighted by my FAVORITE Jessica Ashworth--who use to live in Cottonwood (who has been on maternity leave) to get ready for my brother's up and coming wedding.
Afterwards, I stopped at the outlets and went looking for wedding outfits and spring attire for the kiddos.
In the late afternoon Dan and I went through an early evening temple session. It was our stake temple day and we were able to do some names for a couple in our ward.
We were glad we went...we have been starting to get some promptings about our future...I guess we can't sit too still for too long!
And after coming back to help lay the boys down, we caught a late bite to eat!
At the beginning of Spring break week. Ryland started barking out this nasty cough, followed by a fever. We were worried it may ruin his birthday plans. But after getting a blessing-he seemed to have gotten ALLOT better.
Thursday afternoon Dacie started showing signs of sickness and running a low grade fever. By Saturday the poor girl was on FIRE. Her appetite was down and we were pumping her full of Motrin. It was no wonder she "threw-up" Saturday evening at Grandma's.
That is one blessing having relatives to watch your children--there is no way we could have left Dacie with anyone else when she was feeling so miserable to go to the temple!
She progressively got worse and worse.
We returned home Sunday in enough time for us to make it to our ward. Dan and I swapped, so that Dacie could stay home and rest.
We got a call from the primary to come and get Ryland later that afternoon. He was miserable too and was once again running a fever.
By this time the congestion set in and it was hard for Dacie to breathe. Every time she coughed we thought she might throw up. Vicks vapor rub, tissues, and humidifiers were in short supply
So we ended our FUN on a very sick note, and began our week back on the same one
*Epilogue: The kids got even worse by Monday and I had them both into the drs. that morning. Ryland had and ear infection and Dacie had a sinus infection-- BUT it was a virus and she had to let run its course. She ran HIGH fevers, some over 103 until Wednesday morning. We are still working on our sleep patterns, humidifiers are still running...and the brothers are getting little forms of it-- but it is MUCH BETTER, and we have been able to have preschool at our home the last 2 days!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

WHOA!! You always amaze me with everything you're able to fit in. Looks like a busy and fun spring break! (except for the sickies part--hope they're feeling better!)