Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Day After Christmas we headed down to "THE VALLEY" to spend a few days with Dan's family who had all gathered for the holidays.
(I wish my family was only an hour away--so we could reunite like this more often!)Dacie has been LuCkY in the fact the the closest cousin on both sides (Hutchings and Sorensen's) of the family-- were GIRLS, amidst a VERY BOY WORLD (even since then)!
Dacie will be grateful for this because it may be her only form of sisters!
Lola is our children's ONLY cousin on Dan's side of the family--
and by chance (family vacations that coincide, and Lola visiting her grandparents often) we have been able to see her since the day she was born!
And since the first reunion we CANNOT help ourselves from DRESSING THEM IN MATCHING CLOTHES!

We can mostly thank a spoiling aunt and grandma for these matches!
(These pictures were in July when Dacie was 6 months and Lola was like 2-3 days old)
(Once again matching in the fall at Uncle Russ's homecoming)

Last Christmas 2007!
Little did we know the next day these two cousin sista's would be slammed with sickness!

OF course they had to match at Uncle Russ's wedding in June '08

Lola and Dacie's quality cousin time works out perfect. They are exactly 6 months apart. So they are starting to be interested in, and play with the same kind of toys. Because of the age difference Dacie can boss Lola around and not share, and Lola does not care. Lola is just grateful for a playmate and follows sassy Dacie around!
To Dacie's benefit she isn't always mean. She did miss having her "baby" (what she calls Lola sometimes) around after we left.!!!
It is so fun to see them start to interact and play together.
Dan's family all has some sort of talents-either wood-work, taking pictures (we will hear more about that talent later)...or SEWING!!!
I really don't have a hands-on talent like those, unless making babies counts! ha ha
So Aunt Amy (Lola's mommy) made some matching skirts for the girls to wear to church!

This Christmas was a fun couple of days of re-kindling cousin friendships
AND the boys getting their "dog fix"-as Lola comes with 2 dogs (Lucy and Bentley).
The gals saying good-bye to each other the morning we left-
UH OH! They are NOT matching!


Selena and Russ!! said...

i LOVE LOVE matching!!!!!!!!!!! it really makes the world a happier place. i bought a sweat shirt at Di just because I knew allison had one and i wanted to match her. It's great.

i see you have stolen the pictures from my blog already. are you guys hot or what!?!

what is your email? mine is

i need your address to send you your cd!

Do you love them?!

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

wow! i had not realized how many times they match! they are SO SO cute.

Dawn said...

Dan and Clint always told me I dressed them in matching clothes, too! I think I bought most of those "matching outfits" in the pics! Ah, well...matching is fun! they are so cute...I love the skirts that Amy made! It was so fun to have you all here and to see Lola and Dacie have fun together! I miss having you all here, but the noise level has gone down...I will admit! It was a great holiday!

Emily said...

How fun that they will be able to be close for all their lives being the only girls. We are also a family with lots of boys. My poor girl. . . yes she needs a sister, but I think that I will just have to find her a girl cousin, like Dacie. :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Looks like you've already got a set of twins in the family!!! I of course LOVE all the matchy matchy outfits! Too cute! =)