Thursday, January 22, 2009

HaPpY 100th DaY of SCHOOL!

Bet you didn't know that the 100th day of school is a HOLIDAY--BUT in KiNdErGaRtEn it is!!!!!
Sterling's class has a DAY of 100's, they: make 100 day mush mix (10 of 10 kinds of trail mix type foods), they turned in their 100 posters that we worked on for hours this last weekend (and I did not take a picture of our 'masterpiece' we turned in...yet!), made necklaces, made a book--and just found a reason to be HaPPy!!!

So from all of us at the CrAzY Sorensen home- Have a HaPPY 100th day of school!


Trezise Momma said...

I loved the 100th day of school and I remember working on my poster with my Mom. Poor lady. She had to make 6 of those posters.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh I love what a big deal we got to make out of this when I used to teach. It's wonderful when they make learning soooo fun!