Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Rest of Phoenix! (X-mas Vacation)

***So maybe my New Years goal should be to FINISH my posts about Christmas!
Not only did we get Quality Cousin/Family Time while in Phoenix,
and Fabulous Family Photos
We got to open some MORE presents! Wahoo!!!!
A birthday Present Pedicure with Kerri (for me)

A date night to the movies with no babysitting fees

Some teeth work done for Dan and I.
I got my mouth prepped for my new Crown!
The LONGEST temple session we have ever done (through some miscommunication).
We went during the day and came back home at night--(after sneaking in some dinner at my FAVORITE place--Claim Jumper too)!
..and yet another free babysitting day!
Some shopping at the Mall

A FHE lesson on Joseph Smith's birthday...and the kids creations of what were suppose to be candy centipedes. They did not quite look like the book pictures, but I am sure tasted as good- he he he

AND some fun with Grandma and Grandpa!
Colton got to go shooting clay discs with Gpa & Clint,
The boys went to the park and library w/ -Gma and the Blairs
...and a final farewell w/ falling leaves solicited by Grandpa!
It was a great couple of days. Because we had nothing we HAD to be back for--it was nice to just take our time and do our thing--when usually we are rushed and have quite the agenda of things to get done while we are down there!


The Mair Family said...

Looks like you had fun. If you want you can contact me via email and I will fill you on the down low with my life. It is

TexasTwinsTwice said...

whoo hoo--sounds like a fun time!!! I think all parents would agree that FREE BABYSITTING is the best gift ever! =)