Saturday, January 31, 2009

B is for...

BRoThERs, BReNDoN, & BoWLiNg Instead of me flying out with Colton to my brothers (BRENDON) 'farewell' before he leaves on his mission in one week, we decided to fly him out to our house for a few days....
SO we played and enjoyed the last moments with our brother and UNCLE.
Skipping school and going BOWLING was in order!

We also got some tickets to the Sun Dogs ice hockey game in Prescott
and WON!!!
Even though we could not WiN any prizes that are a common occurrence at these hockey games, we did manage to get Brendon on the BIG jumbo-tron dancing to the YMCA rodeo style --last chance for 2 years!~
The rest of his trip included driving 2 hours (each way) to pick up and drop off at the airport, late night games, movie nights, LONG talks, serious mission shopping with some of my greatest SAVING sales~might I add, Jerome visiting, sharing him with the Higley's, eating OUT too much, walks to the river... and just spending solo time with my brother (that has been years coming). He was the 'baby' while I was a teenager and growing up--it is AMAZING for me to see him all grown up and leaving. My children will forever cherish their cool uncle who changes their diapers and plays with them without being asked! We will miss you like crazy BUT are so EXCITED, don't worry...we will wait for you!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

I just think that's so cool that you flew him out for a visit--what a nice big sister!! It's amazing to see our younger siblings grow up into adults huh?!

Trezise Momma said...

What afun visit! I love the Sun Dogs! Hockey is so much fun to watch!