Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh HoLy NiGhT!

Christmas Eve is probably my most Favorite time of the season (only slightly competing with the first entry of the kids faces on Christmas morn), because it is Christmas in its purest form.
We like to deliver goodies, eat a simple dinner, sing songs and perform the nativity.
Just being with our little family.
There is not allot of gifts, big dinners, messes, papers, bows, parties, crying....etc.
Don't get me wrong-- I LOVE those things (except the crying part).
But I appreciate the simpleness of this evening.
The mix of giving and remembering the reason we celebrate Christmas,
and I LOVE being with my children and seeing them understand and GIVE!
Christmas Eve is a peaceful night (until the kids are in bed-ha ha) just as it should be!This year we delivered goodies and carols to our immediate neighbors (with electric guitar from Sterling, and whistle, tambourine by Ryland) and took dinner to a family whose mom is pregnant and the dad had cancer.
Not only did we have the opportunity to give BUT received so much in return. We are so grateful to friends and people who showed their love to us. We felt special--(we even got a special treats from some friends who drove all the way in from Camp Verde-The Dickerson's-we felt like royalty!-- one of their cute treats is pictured above, ours were NOT as cute!)
My sister had taken the kids earlier in the day so I could vacuum, mop floors and make my house look presentable. As well as cook all the last minute goodies. That was such an early Christmas present for me. I have never had that.
Later, after we delivered goodies my sister and her hubby joined us for our "program". They spent the night on our floor so they could experience Christmas morn in its perfect form-WITH KIDS!!!
We have never had a pj tradition, but Grandma S went shopping with me at Thanksgiving and the kids needed some new pj's and I found these adorable ones. So we let them open the first gift of Christmas--PJ's from Grandma S...and then I went camera happy (maybe this is a new tradition).
They looked so warm and comfy I wanted to climb into bed with them. They all went right to sleep.... after a fun day with Aunt Cara

and visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads!!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good NIGHT!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

What a memorable Christmas Eve that must have been! Love the cute pjs!!

I thought those reindeer cookies were too cute to eat...but we managed to anyway! =) That Emily is too sweet & creative huh?!

Glad you had a great holiday!

kk Leilani said...

Love the pajamas fo sho! I love the Christmas treat creations! It gives me great ideas for my family parties! I love how much the boys love Dacie and vice versa! what a fun team of lovin. Love you