Saturday, November 22, 2008


OF Course, I read the books (ALL of them) and OF COURSE I went to the movie.
IF I spent hours late into the eve pouring over the pages to get my coveted reading time....I certainly could "sacrifice" to get in some of the movie time.
I was a twilight gal LONG before it became a rage and there was talk of the movie. I have to give my babysitter/YW/friends (Jentry Taylor, and the Westover twins) credit for opening the door of curiosity.
I was looking for something new to read and they recommended the Twilight series. I was a little skeptical hearing the story line, BUT I thought the books were great. Not to mention it has come in handy to be well versed w/ this knowledge for my new calling in stake Young Women's!
I am typically not a vampire werewolf gory kind of fan AT ALL, but I felt the writing was well done and mature so that this story was not "cheesy" and I was drawn in. I did feel in the 2nd book there started to be too much killing and I began to question my devotion...but I continued reading and was content.
There are adult themes talked about in them, but I feel like the author is careful and also mature in her writing of these topics (after all she IS LDS).
I have been excited to see it in a movie!!! ...
(Waiting in line..we got the best seats in the house due to covert operations of my fellow friends!)
I went with some die hard fans and it made it all the more fun. I can safely say I am a Twilight fan,
As in most cases the movie is NEVER as good as the book--
I felt like we were laughing when it was suppose to be serious. It was hard to get pulled in through the movie. As one of my friends (Kelli Bargar) put it put it... I thought-- oh!, this movie is good and then I would think oh!, it's OK a few minutes later.
AND I was pleasantly surprised by most of the casting even if that was not who I would have chosen originally! Not gonna lie...EDWARD was HOT!
It was still a SUPER FUN night!

(Don't we make great vampire mommas?...ha ha)
Nights don't get much more fun than this...when you get a group of FUN moms and friends together, Go to dinner at the Outback AND be teens together, just for the night!
Stories and laughter don't get much better than this. Especially when you have people running around the theatre in vampire capes and boy friends out front of the theatre picketing w/ signs that say "Boyfriends against vampires!" ha ha ha
There is time to laugh...
(Like I said, a securely married woman certainly can be a teen for the eve!)



OMG you already went to see it??!! I am going thanksgiving weekend. Ahh!!!! So excited! I loved all the twilight atire and Dan are you any jealous by the last photo?

kk Leilani said...

I am laughing so hard right now. I loved all the pics and the events that lead up to the teen night, but most of all I love the poster kiss with the purse hanging from your arm. I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! you are the best fan ever there ever was one...along with all your mom friends. Love em all. YOu ladies rock the house like none otha!

jolley time said...

Love the blog! Love Twilight! We also went to the show and I enjoyed it very much. of course the book can never be topped but I had a blast any way. I was glad I had some friends to go with I am sure steve would never stop teasing me if he had gone with me. I love your teen night

Carrie said...

Sorensen, You are a hoot! I too saw Twilight and found it to be very entertaining. Edward was definitely nice eye candy so all in all it was a good night! Looks like you are well and having fun so that is great.

Janae Gordon said...

I love your documentation of your the movie. Loved ALL the pics, especially the one where you are making out with the movie poster:) Look like a fun group of giggly girls! We had a good time. It was not as good as the book, but we enjoyed it.
Oh btw- Mike was hoping there was more violence to come in the 2nd movie:) HAHA

The Gordon Bunch said...

I am a little jealous of that fun group of gals, but I'm waiting to see it on video. I know I am LAME!! Anyhow, you gals are sooo funny. David came home from work and said I drove by Julie Hoggard and her car was loaded with women. How fun!!

Trezise Momma said...

Looks like you girls had a fun night! All the girls in the fam are going on Thanksgiving. Can't wait!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

haha--too funny! Glad you ladies enjoyed yourselves. I first heard about these books about 2 years ago--but resisted until just a few days ago (I was given a copy of twilight--and read it in less than 24 hrs). Now I'm totally hooked!!! They really are a fun read. I think I'll wait until the movie goes to video tho. I keep hearing how the book is soooooo much better! Love the pic of you and your poster friend--too funny!=)

Anne said...

How awesome that the boyfriends were picketing! I think every taken male probably feels the same way!