Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I know you have been dying to see the kids costumes...so here it is!!!!!!Colton a.k.a Jengo Fet from Star Wars

I tried a few million other original costume ides on eBay, only to have Colton shut down the idea. So we got him his "dream" costume while we were in Flag for our anniversary

However-- we should know by now to buy costumes a few sizes bigger for our LONG boys!

Sterling is a Toostie Roll (by day) and Zorro (by night)

Sterling's costume turned into drama after being mailed on the 15th of October from eBay and not arriving until he was in school and past his costume parade on the 31st-

The tootsie roll came to be the eve before on an emergency costume run to our kids second hand store in town (the owner even gave me a discount b/c of the costume drama)-Whew!!

Ryland the Frankenstein

ooohhhh! Scary!

Dacie the Fairy

As someone simply put it that night, " you can tell she is a girl following 3 brothers." There was not very much I left uncurled or ribboned!

I baked LOTS and LOTS of ribbon that afternoon-like I do for my hairbows

... and we curled and curled her hair all evening-as her hair does not like to keep curl.

It came at a high cost-bad burns!! I will post more later. But in this last picture the little gal was being a champ and smiling for pictures, after sobbing through blisters-if you look closely you can see her brave tears!

OF course I could not take enough pictures!!!
My kids are so dang CuTe!!!


THE ORMES said...

Haha . . . I will never forgot the game at Kelli McCarthy's shower (I think it was hers) where we had to remember items on a tray. While everyone else put socks, you put something to the effect of cute, girlie socks. Hahaha!!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

CUTE costumes!!! They all turned out great. Dacie looks like the perfect little fairy princess too! Too bad about the ebay problems--that stinks!

Trezise Momma said...

Cute costumes! Sorry about the E-bay headache. I am in the middle of an E-bay headache myself, and am thinking of writing them off forever! Dacie was beautiful, and the boys were appropriatly scary and cue at the same time.

mjs ashworth said...

Such cute costumes! I am glad the costume drama worked out. What a NIGHTMARE!!

Anne said...

Poor Dacie! I forget about curling iron burns! It looks like you guys have been having so much fun! How do you keep it up???? LOVE the pumpkins from your own patch! And that party looked like a blast!

Anne said...

..And Happy Belated Birthday!

Selena and Russ!! said...

i LOVE those costumes... coltons is probably the coolest but then so is sterlings and rylands and of course dacie is so cute.

Angie said...

Did you make her cute tutu?

Emily said...

She looks like a little Shirley Temple with all those curls. Adorable. I need to make sure that my kids don't see the Star Wars costume. They begged and begged for one but I told them I don't buy costumes. I only make them and I didn't have time to make a Star wars costume. Naughty mommy I am. Your kids look adorable. :)