Friday, November 7, 2008

Beauty at a HIGH COST!

This kind of cuteness does not come without a cost! Let me explain....
Dacie has been blessed w/ her mother's hair type (sense the sarcasm) it does not hold curl worth a bean, and to get desired curls, it takes some SERIOUS hair spray, gels, blow drying, sponge curlers and ratting. BUT of course, Halloween Fairy's cant NOT have the curliest and cutest hair EVER!
SO Dacie's dream came true and she had 2 ladies-in-waiting most of the evening...doting on her. Dacie got to play with mommy's make-up and counter stuff to her hearts content.

However...after about an hour of this hair stuff--she was through. So it was time for us to tie in the bows. Aunt Cara left the curling iron on...just in case there was some flat parts in her hair. I (the mom) moved it over to the opposite sink so she would not grab it. BUT while I was running into the next room to grab her ribbon. I heard a blood curdling scream--and I knew exactly what had happened before I even went in there, and found her holding her hands in the air and the curling iron on the floor! Just chalk another bad mommy moment onto the board!

(This is the nastiest burn on the oppsosite hand that tore open and had a huge pit--while playing outside...that is when we knew she had more burning that we had originally thought!YUCK!)
We ran it under cold water immediately-with Dacie trying to pull her hands away the whole time. Dacie is not super good at verbal words yet--so we were trying to find the red marks where she might have burned herself. The only one we saw was on the palm of her hand (only to realize that was the least of the burns--later). We also applied after-burn ointment to it. She cried and cried and was held for a good 20 minutes. I felt awful. Dacie only would stop crying if Dan was holding her. It was crunch time at this point and I was contemplating staying home with her since I had been the one to allow this to happen.... BUT that girl 'took one for the team' and was a CHAMP the entire evening!

(The burn on the palm of her hand that we first had seen--it has a slight white blister on it)
It was not until the proceeding days that we realized how badly she had burned BOTH hands and blisters began appearing and breaking! We have had to keep her hands clean and use LOTs of band-aids!

(Look closely-that is NOT a fat thumb pad but a HUGE blister on the tope of her finger!)
We were lucky it was not worse...however, we learned that beauty does come at a price, to be more vigilant, and that first time experiences with burns is not a fun thing for the babies and hearts of the mommas!!!


Aaron & Jayme said...

Oh man! Those are brutal!! We've had the burn moment with Riley too, when he palmed the stove when it had been on high for 20 minutes.

Breaks your heart doesn't it? Is she doing better?

THE ORMES said...

I always tell my girls that beauty hurts (they squawk when I just brush their hair).

I hate those mommy moments. I always figured I'd have less of them as time goees on, but I still seem to have them just as much now as I did in the beginning. They certainly make you feel awful.

Well, hope she's doing better (and you're feeling better)! :)

Angie said...

Ooooh! That whole post made me cringe. What a nightmare. Poor sweet little Dacie. I can't beleive she stayed still as long as she did for you though. It's like fighting a mad, wet cat to get piggy tails on the top of my littles heads.

Trezise Momma said...

Ouchie Miss Dacie! If it is any consolation, she looked fabulous! We hope it is all better.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh poor poor little girl! That looks so extremely painful. She is quite a trooper because you would've never known that she was in pain that night. She looked soooo adorable too. You did a great job on the costume.

And love your new background--too cute!

The Greers said...

pretty hair comes at a price. I hope she gets better soon

Emily said...

Oh, poor Dacie! Ouch! I think that we have the same hair. Mine will NOT take curl. Okay, it will, but then it changes it's mind very very quickly. Creature of habit. . .that's my hair. It just likes straight.

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

OUCH! Isabel can consider herself lucky that her mommy is so pathetic that she doesn't own either a blow-dryer or a culing iron.

Dacie is a doll!