Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HaPPy HaLLoWeEn!!

HallOween has always been my favorite Holiday (now it competes w/ others).
I still get excited for it each year, even though they are allot more work!!
The kids and I braved 'the crowds' at the boys school and went and watched the costume parade and ate lunch w/ Sterling--
Ryland, me and Dacie dawned in some Halloween civilian attire w/ an extra set of eyeballs we got at school (oh yeah, and my spider web tattoo that came off immediately in the sun)! Check out Dacie's cute BOO clip from Grnadma S!
The parade and lunch are utter chaos w/out much reason, rhyme or structure. It was still CraZY this year!! I "swear it off" every year--only to have a young child beg me to come!
We saw Sterling hand out the tootsie rolls (as he was a Tootsie roll for school, since he eBay costume never arrived on time) and ate some lunch w/ him. It made his day...that is all that matters!

After getting the kids ready, making it to the school w/ two kids in tote (and grabbing another there, and trying to find another who wanted nothing to do with us) and a stroller. Buying and getting lunches for all the kids. Having it be high 80 degree weather w/ no shade --and doing this ALL by myself. We were a little loopy after.
After school was out the kids colored Halloween coloring books Grandma H had made them--and added the spooky stickers too...all while watching Ronald Dahls Witches. It was an afternoon time filler I needed to get organized for the evening!~

The night time preparations began at 4pm and we left the house around 6:10 ish...
First stop -to the neighbors across the street who deck out their house and make goody bags for the kids. We had other neighbors stop by w/ goody bags they had made. We had a constant flow of treaters this year while we were getting ready and one when we got home!
Second stop-is to the widow and widower neighbors.
Stop three- to the little barn house right by the river, where the man gives KING size candy bars
Stop four- The Halloween house in our neighborhood. The kids deemed the house that name the first year we were here, and the owners had their lawn FLOODED with blow up Halloween characters.
and FIVE...the tri-ward trunk or treat fest at the church!
This is what happens when you have to go to the bathroom AFTER you are already ready to go out for the night!
OF COURSE-we LOVE the Trunk-or-treat THE BEST because.....
... of our friends we meet up with!
(The Hoggard kids- Sterling/Emma, and Sean/Ryland)

... the abundance of safe trunks AND candy to get in them.
Dacie just enjoyed the social atmosphere of the evening. She floated from one place to the next-holding her wand (never losing it), waving and saying -"teet" for treat, visiting, smiling and NOT letting go of her loot (heaven forbid you try taking away her candy!)

... the games and activities there are always a TREAT too!!
Here are all three of the boys trying to eat their donuts from a string!

...face painting
Dacie just sat on the curb and watched the boys eat donuts and patiently waited her turn for face painting. Then she sat sooooo still while they did it!

The final product- a sweet heart for a sweet fairy!

....the cake walk & hay rides!!!!
I missed the cake walk pictures,
but after downing a few cupcakes the kids went for a hay-ride on a trailer attached to a four-wheeler (hey, its Cottonwood!)
Colton and Ryland above on the very front row right by each other

Daddy in green holding Dacie and Sterling the Zorro front bottom left
We got home in enough time--to get the kids in bed at a half way decent hour! Whew!!!
The adults (Cara, Dan and I) played 3 rounds of Halloween Yahtzee and fell asleep watching the new Nancy Drew!!
Happy Halloween to all...and to all a good night (you better believe I slept GREAT)!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

It was fun to see you at the trunk-or-treat, even just for a little bit. I'm glad you posted pics of your other kids since I didn't get to see them all. Too cute! Looks like a fun Halloween for you guys!

Trezise Momma said...

I am glad that Halloween was a hit for you guys. It is such a fun time for kids. Dress up and get candy. What more can you ask for?

Anne said...

How smart to do a tri-ward trunk or treat. I think I'll suggest that next year!

Emily said...

Hey, how is the new Nancy Drew movie? I've been curious but always forget about it. I have loved the books since I was about 6 or so when i started reading them. I still love them and will pick one up from time to time to read to the kids. Were there a lot of people at the trunk or treat this year. I kind of forgot about that. Wow, it sounds like I forget about a lot, doesn't it?

kk Leilani said...

ahhhh happy Halloween. I know this is so long time coming, but oh well. I love Halloween and I loved seeing all the pics. looks like a blast. you really know how to celebrate!