Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Sterling Dear!

Sterling Daniel Sorensen turned 6 TODAY!!
and it was a day of PARTAY!!!!
I don't know how many of you get woken up to a hot air balloon pretty much in your backyard for your birthday...but STERLING sure did!
I kept hearing a funky sound from my room
So I threw open my shutters and threw out the sash
and what to my wondering eyes did appear..a HOT air balloon flying SO NEAR
(The air filling up the balloon can be quite loud! )
We had a breakfast of donuts while watching it follow the river by our home--
and float away out of sight!
IF that was not the best day ever....Aunt Cara came over the day before and helped mommy make 23 ice cream cone cornucopia's for Sterling's class. Cara's looked prettier, so she did a majority of em'.
They turned out looking pretty yummy if I do say so myself!
of course, Sterling got the royal treatment at school. With the class cake at his place all day, a birthday sticker, and new sunglasses!
Mommy came into help in Sterling's class that day as well.
I pulled Sterling out of school after for lunch and took him to McD's for a happy meal!
What a glorious day...
ONLY for Sterling to come home from the school day less than an hour, AND go to another friends b-day party (Riley Bliss). The boys are only 3 days apart.
While he was party'ing mom was busy making sure the Turkey cupcakes were iced & finished... and party bags filled--before she headed out to Sterling's party

WITH his friends (they invite the number of kids according to the age they are turning...he invited 6) at the local ceramic shop! Including a surprise appearance from Grandpa Sorensen (who drove over and hour to be with Sterling on his birthday)
Everyone painted ceramics, except mom (including Dad and Grandpa)
and opened presents and cake and drank Punch.
Sterling even got to add his hand print to the famous birthday wall in the back of the shop!
Incidentally, one of Sterling's favorite buds who has been one of his friends the longest (Brynley Taylor) shares the same birthday as him. He has always taken her flowers for her birthday-(despite them moving farther away and not getting to play as often)! She came to his party, and Sterling LOVED sharing it with her (check out the video clip I included)

oooh...but don't let the fun end there. We drove everyone home and then returned home to PARTY with the FaMilY (who had to wait very patiently w/ Aunt Cara for us to return) They had painted their own little pumpkins and wrapped all the presents.
One last round of cake, singing, and presents and we called it a night....
Sterling said it was the best day of his life!


wilkinson_fam said...

You are such an AMAZING mom, Alicia. Your kids are oh-so blessed. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, STERLING!

Trezise Momma said...

Cannot believe that boy is 6! Where is the time going? It looks like you guys had a blast. I will have to get with you and find out about the ceramics. Sounds like a great idea for birthday parties when it is cold outside, and since I have 3 of them so far, I am always looking for ideas.

kk Leilani said...

What an awesome Birthday...Happy B-day to the birthday boy named Sterling. seriously what an amazingly fun day! p.s. how did you make the turkeys!?

Janae Gordon said...

Happy Birthday, Sterling! Looks like the kid totally scored for his birthday!!! I love birthdays! You are a good mama! That kid feels loved!!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

We've had a hot air balloon land on the course right behind our house. It was a crazy wake-up call--they're so noisy!

I LOVED your ice cream cone cornucopias! What a FUN idea. The party looks like a blast--what a great b-day.

Happy Birthday Sterling! I remember when you were just a BABY! =)

Emily said...

Sounds like a great party indeed! It also sounds like a lot of work. Wow! You get the good mom award for the day. :)

Leakeyroof said...

Happy bday to my bday buddy! :)

The Gordon Bunch said...

You are the best mom! Somebody stop you!! Also, can I say, I LOVE CARA!! I want her to help me make cute cornucopias. She is awesome!!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

The cornucopias are great! What a fun idea!

I love hot air balloons. One day of balloon fiesta is never enough for me, but Dallin has seen them so much in his short life that he is already pretty much bored with them. Someday, when Mark is no longer in school, I'm going to drag him down to Balloon Fiesta Park on a date to see the mass ascension…just the two of us.

Happy Birthday Sterling!