Monday, September 15, 2008

Take A Hike IKE!!!

Take a Hike Ike! Is a quote we have adopted over here in DRY ARIZONA from our friends the Mangums (our old Bishop) who lives in Houston! As many of you are well aware -our family spent 2, almost 3, glorious years in Houston, Texas while Dan went to graduate school. I can definitely say that I left a piece of my heart when we left. I have so many fond memories.
SOOO when the news that tropical Ike was headed straight for Houston-it tugged at my heart! I have been wanting to talk to every person I know still living there!
Then I heard and saw the news of it hitting Galveston! I was so sad as I looked at the images (check out the link below) We spent many FuN days at Galveston as a family. I know it could have been allot worse...but it is sad none-the less.
We were so blessed while we lived there to have 'just missed' the flooding a few months before our arrival and no hurricanes or storms hitting while we were there!
I am now anxiously awaiting the news from our friends in Houston to see what they experienced! The zip code we actually lived in was told not to evacuate--so many prepared and "tied down the hatches"!
So for whatever this is worth--Here is our hugs and happy memories of sunnier days Houston! We Love you!!Grandpa Hutchings even got a day at Galveston Island while we lived there!
Kemah Boardwalk
Sterling getting some R&R at the beach the day before he had surgery on his club foot!
Colton wearing shades on a Sunnier Day in Galveston!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh I know!!! I've been so sad and worried for our friends still there. Knowing how most of them are, I'm sure they are prepared and will be well looked after. It's still so scary and I wish I had a private jet to just bring them all to safety! =)

Dawn said...

I remember going to that Kemah Park with you and the kids when we went to Houston that summer...what was it...two or three years ago now? I hope all your friends are is so sad to see the devestation...but I know there will be some good that comes of this tragedy if they will look for it and realize it when it will give many the opportunity to serve and to be served...

Chelle said...

I wish so much I'd know you were here WHEN YOU WERE HERE! What fun we could have had! Thanks for checking in on my blog. We are safe and sound and so very thankful!

The Greers said...

I've been wondering about you and monica with Ike causing trouble. I hope all you're friends are okay, and the guys that mugged Dan get hit by a wave.
I loved your red pepper, I wish I had your gardening skills.

Trezise Momma said...

No ears for the boys-we are taking them in March, and I thought they might want to pick out their own ears. We did bring back hats with Mickey Mouse on them, and Tristan's hat has mouse ears sticking out, so hopefully that will sufice until actual ears can be procured. BTW-loved the preschool blog. It brought back memories and I almost wanted to do it again. Oh wait-never mind-I lied.

Julie Hoggard said...

I thought you said sunnier- those pictures look full of clouds to me. Hehe it does look fun and beautiful.