Friday, September 26, 2008

HaPPY BirTHday AMers!!!!

This is how Amy looked when I met her 9 years ago (she is the 3rd in on the left...middle)--
This is my little Amy NOW, all grown up!!!

So today is Dan's youngest sisters birthday. Yes, that would be a real family picture above-as opposed to a fake magazine model one that they look like. It is AMY and her little fam!
(Amy LOVED on my boys, even before her own--here she is with Colton)
Amy is one of those people that you can never stay mad at, or think ill of. She is one of the kindest, most tender people. She is sincere. I believe she is the one in her family who takes the most after her mom's tender traits.

(Amy (far left) sending Kerri 'her only sister by blood' on a mission)

Amy has always been true to the gospel. Her faith is guileless like her mom's...and I do not think she ever challenged or rebelled it. She has seemed to always know it was true. I remember when I first was married to Dan, and I would be down in the basement while she was hanging out with her friends. She was dating a guy that she liked allot-- and I remember that she was always the one who sent everyone home on time, never broke the rules, and never acted like she was trying to show off or not be herself around them (especially him). I felt like she was confident in who she was and with her relationship with her Heavenly Father.

Sure she LOVED silly girl things (talking on the phone, music, etc.) and enjoyed silly teenager fun--but she did it without compromising.

(Again... Amy playing the piano with Colton--we enjoy being spoiled by our child-less Aunts)

I remember being an EFY counselor while she attended a session at BYU. I was engaged to Dan at the time. One night my responsibility was to help create a virtual wall of counselors to help "guide" the kids back to the dorms and not wonder around campus. I ran into Amy w/ all her cool friends. I remember her yelling out as she walked off, "I LOVE YOU ALICIA!" It warmed my heart. As you marry into a family you always wonder where your placement will be, and how you will fit in. I never felt any sort of difficult transition with her. She loved me from the beginning and accepted me, no weird feelings or having to navigate our new relationship.

I have always felt that she has never been embarrassed by me. She always includes me with her friends. I have never been the nerdy, old-fashioned mom who married her oldest brother. I have just been one of the fam, and her friends--even when I was super BIG pregnant!

(Amy with baby Sterling when he was born)

I remember Amy losing a allot of weight in high school. I worried about her, but since then I have noticed that she is really healthy about it. She appreciates good food BUT in moderation. I KNOW she LOVED learning about nutrition at BYU. She enjoys good, healthy things (exercise, activities...)just like her relationships, or anything else in her life for that matter. However, she never solicits unwanted advice or judges others.

(Amy hugging HER OWN BABY-Lola on her first birthday!!)

I could not love Amy any more for the fact that she gave Dacie a girl cousin.In hopes that they will have a close relationship as I do with some of mine. It is our first cousin on Dan's side of the family!!!! (now she just needs to keep the cousin friends coming...)

Best of all it has been amazing to see Amy become a mother. Not only does she make pregnancy, labor, delivery and nursing easy--she is a baby machine...The Love she has shown everyone very much goes into her relationships with her baby and hubby! It is FUN to talk about big, grown up things. Amy is very tender and hates to see anyone cry, especially her baby!

Before Amy had Lola ...she had her dogs-Bentley and Lucy, and I remember the worry and time she spent taking care of them as well. She LOVES animals too--She is tender-hearted.

I know Amy appreciates sleep and does well getting it. But she still takes motherhood on like a champ!

I know allot of people in Amy's family really value her opinions and fashion sense. I notice allot of the siblings, as well as her mom, confide in her. They also turn to her for advice in fashion and really listen to her opinions. She knows how to get a deal, and make you look SUPER cute & trendy..I mean, look at the pictures-they are proof!!!

Last but not least--Amy is talented. She plays the piano (that is something I want my children to do--even though I passed up my opportunity). It is a valuable talent in the church!!! She also can make the darnedest, cutest crafts. From-- things to hang her daughters bows on, to the bows themselves, to letter for peoples names....she sees something and makes it happen in a cute, trendy, very well-done way. I always want her to have me for Christmas so maybe I can capitalize on these talents!! How selfish am I?

(Amy with her family!!)

Those who are Amy's closest friends seem to stay close to Amy despite distance and growing families. Her close relationships just seem to get stronger. I am grateful to consider her one of mine. My life has been happier with her in it. She is one of the NICEST people I have met. Like I said, someone so stinkin' sweet deserves the sweetest birthday!!

SWeeT BirthDaY Dreams AMERS!!!

We LOVE YOU!!!!!


Dawn said...

what a sweet tribute. Hope you had a special birthday, Amy! Thanks for being such a great "SIL" to her, Alicia...and thanks for the time to make the pics!

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

this is the sweetest "letter" if you will, anyone has ever wrote about me! you are such a sweetheart. thank you for all the kind words...they truly brightened my day and made me feel so much better! i love you!

Andrea said...
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Allison Barry said...

Isn't Amy the greatest? She has always been such a sweet, fun girl. And I do remember her in the basement telling us to go home!!! She would start rubbing her eyes and would say, "guys...i'm going to go to bed pretty soon..." It was never a problem with me, though, because i had an 11:00 curfew!!! whatever. But Amy is a gem. A stylish, hot, good mom, athletic, GEM. i LOVE her and i am so glad we're still friends.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

She sounds like an AWESOME sister-in-law. I hope her b-day was great. That family pic towards the top DOES look like it's straight out of a magazine!