Monday, September 22, 2008

Week Synopsis 9/15-9/21

Monday September 15th- Preschool for Ryland today was all about BUGS! They went a diggin'--OF COURSE Ryland loved it!

We have had a fire log left over from my family reunion in Flagg --forever sitting in our garage and I got a s'more making kit at pokeeno-the kids have been dying to use it since then--so firepit FHE tonight!

I think it was Dacie's first time with fire!! She was always put to bed before the fire started when we have been camping--thus the reason for so many Dacie pictures! The first picture above captured her happy smile -she had when she first saw it. She thought she was the stuff!

Add some marshmallows and her baby doll to the night, and life did not get much better than that for her!
OK-so during my BYU days I spent many a night up in the canyon or mountains having campfires...and to no avail the game"Chubby Bunny" (where you stuff BIG marshmallows in your mouth and have to clearly say chubby bunny--without losing one)was always a hit. Dan was opposed to the whole affair-stating it would be too messy. I simply went ahead and taught my children how to play it. My gag reflex is NOT what it use to be--and I sadly had to gag out the last chubby bunny at 8 marshmallows. Dan's competitive side appeared and he did not want to be outdone--so of course, he beat me at 10. Small mouth and all!! Now our kids can;t stop talking about it!

Tuesday 9/16, Wednesday 9/17, and Thursday 9/18-Went by without a mark on the calendar-besides my work schedule. I am sure the kids got creative with their play, we lost a lunch box or two, and our nights were not at home--but for once, it might not be noteworthy.

I do however have to mention that Colton is really getting into earning money by other means besides chores. He went through a weed pulling phase-where he would get a penny a weed. Our garden loved him--he came away with $5. Colton would go straight outside and pick weeds for hours. But at night he was a sore, grumpy lad--I am not sure the trade off was worth its weight in gold!

We have also decided that we can have nothing nice in our home with children. My favorite rocking chair is ripped to shreds, our couch just got a huge tear that is un-hideable. Granted we got these for real cheap or for free--but I do like to look presentable--the kids wear and tear on furniture may solidify that Dan will NEVER let us purchase new.

They also shoved a car down the drain in our shower. We have tried and tried to get it out with no luck-however it has NOT plugged the drain-- with luck. I just noticed that my elliptical machine is missing the hook up for its resistance and programming electrical system. Somehow those little buggars found the down low hook up and have dismantled it. That is going to be a couple of hundred dollar repair--unless we can figure it out on our own. AAAAHH! I give up having anything nice with our children.

Oh yeah- and Thursday nights softball game went much better than last weeks- I was slammin' first base. However--I am frustrated with my hitting!!

Friday September 19- FUN and crazy Friday. I ended up taking phones Thursday evening and all day Friday-since my friend (the Taylors) son returned from his mission! I also watched a friends son during the day and another friends 2 sons later that afternoon-while they went on school field trips. My visiting teachers (Cami Raban, and Tori Scott) came to visit and I forgot--my house and hair were a MESS! So glad they are my friends.

We ended the evening watching the country bears and eating pizza in the living room. Of course--what night ends bad with a good disc of The Office? We went to bed smiling...

These are Dacie's favorite flip flops (even though they are Sterling's) and she has a nervous breakdown when I don't let her wear them in public-- She is jammin' to the music on "collect the trashes" night!

Before (above)and After (below) shots of my new glasses!!! That just arrived this week--wahoo!

Saturday September 20- Get up and GET BUSY!! Saturday morning chores were underway as we were preparing the house for our new roommates-The Wiggly Higleys (my sister and BIL)-who are staying with us (2 weeks) until they can find a casa and a job in the verde valley/Flagg (so if you hear of anything LET ME KNOW!).

I heard from two friends that day that I have not heard from in quite sometime (Josh Gigueire-a friend I dated at BYU,and Chelsea Jolly-who did their PT internship here). It was happy reunions. We missed the big group date we do w/ our friends once a month, that afternoon--so we made it up to the kids by getting blimpie sandwiches and playing at the park that afternoon.

That evening Dan and I went on a date and tried Thai food for the first time. It has come highly recommended--and we were not let down! We were greatly disappointed to have spent our money on the movie Momma Mia after (in fact our stake president was sitting right by us and walked out). Once again it was an expensive date night after the babysitter. All in the name of love!

Dan said my smile was weird in the before/after pictures (it was a joke smile, grit your teeth effect) and that my glasses were funky--so I decided to BUG him all night and take random pictures. Don't you just love to tease and torment your favorite buddy?!! ha ha ha. I am so mean!

Sunday September 21-Colton talked in primary on prayer today. He got so nervous he started to read as fast as he could, slurring some words together. But-- I was proud of him for doing it even when he was scared.

That night I had SYC (stake youth committee)and a youth fireside where we had a choir from NAU come sing. I was gone from 5:30-9:30pm--thank goodness my sister had arrived in time for dinner to keep Dan company. The kids LOVE their uncle and aunt!!!

That pretty much wraps up our week of FuN! Can't wait to hear about all of yours!!!!


The Greers said...

Daci is so cute! Chubby bunny is the best, even with the mess it must live on. I loved the specs too, very trendy.

Charie said...

This was the best ever post. I loved the pictures of you! I was laughing so hard at seeing the pictures of marshmellows stuffed in your mouth. I was gagging just thinking about it.

I LOVE your glasses. I am due for a new pair when we get new insurance in UT :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

CUTE marshmallow pics! LOVE the new glasses--very stylin. Oh, and my mom has a favorite saying (though as her child I always thought it was mean to say =). It is: "When you have kids...that's ALL you have." I guess we broke a lot of stuff too! =)

Trezise Momma said...

K-love the shot with Daci and her baby. I miss that girl in primary. The pic of Dan with a mouthful of mellows is a classic! Oh, and love the glasses! They are perfect for you.

mjs ashworth said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm... I love smores!

Angie said...

Love your new glasses! Very cute.

Dacie is looking old sitting in her little lawn chair.

I'm sorry your kiddos are destroying your stuff. I kind of dread having boys for that very reason. Just wait until they get older and THEN get nice stuff (like when they leave the house!).

jonesfamily said...

I don't believe Dan could really say chubby bunny, could he?! Cute glasses! How do you shove a care down a shower drain, but worse, how do you get it out? BOYS!

123sonsMom said...

Good read and a fun week for you! I smiled thinking of cute Colton reading as fast as he could for his talk. We did smores this week for FHE, but no chubby bunny here, so lots of burning things. Our boys love our furniture so much and by love I mean they LOVE to jump off it, jump between them, do headstands against it.... We've tried to instill some rules with it, but that only seems to work for a little bit. Loves!!

Emily said...

Your new glasses are just like mine. I don't think your smile was weird, it was cheesy. I like cheesy. Mine is often cheesy and you know what they say about cheese. . ."behold the power of cheese".

Trezise Momma said...

K-Avery is still not walking, and still has no teeth. Just climbing the big girl slide! About the teeth, Will suggested that I nurse her until she had some so she could eat solids better. I think she heard us and has decided to not get teeth and nurse forever!

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

i LOVE your new glasses...they are very cute. i always wished that i needed glasses because they have such cute ones out there.
and thank you for my bday card and the magazine subscription! im so excited to get them! that was very thoughtful of you guys and i am so lucky to have such great family memeber! we miss you guys!