Thursday, September 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

So...Dan spends more of his waking hours in his "new home" (office) then he does in his old home (our house)-- (we realize that it is the nature of a full-time job) BUT who can blame Dan for enjoying it!--Check out why below:
First, Dan starts his mornings off (for an hour or so @6:20am) at a "breakfast shop" (seminary/institute building across from the H.S) in town--where all the CoOL teenagers hang out!
Then Dan arrives at his "mansion" (Northern Arizona Rehabilitation and Fitness) where he will spend the next 10 hours "hangin' out" (working HARD w/ no lunch break).

Dan can't complain too much as there is always 'benefits' for being the best looking sibling in the bunch (Dan is in the upper right hand corner-he has ALWAYS looked dang good in a cowboy hat)
Time permitting (ha ha) Dan would take a few laps in the heated, therapeutic, indoor pool with a fitness instructor (Dan's boss) --this place has its perks!
Even if Dan was in a wheel chair-they could get him in with the lift they have installed!
No complaints about "working out" (working WITH patients) in a new high tech gym with LOTS of new equipment-- that ain't so bad either!
OR if Dan preferred he could always improve his game of golf and go and practice on the professional putting green --out the back windows (has never even gone out there--too busy)

Dan never has to climb stairs ...because ,of course, his home has an elevator (that he rarely uses).
IF Dan's knee IS feeling well he could always go for a walk up and down the cool, spiral stairs
Oh, and the upper covered deck is to die for--HUGE ceiling fans included for those hot summer days!
Also included in Dan's home is an upgraded "kitchen" (break room)--soda machines and all. He gets to enjoy about a meal a week "on the house" (if he can make it up there between patients).
A nice, BIG, new, bathroom w/ POWERFUL toilets is ALWAYS a BONUS!

In case Dan works up a sweat while he is working so hard--he could always take a shower in the locker room!
Who would NOT WANT a laundry room with counter and cabinet space GALORE?!!!

There is always plenty of space to sit--on new furniture, in his new "Living Room" (waiting room) as well!! And included in these luxurious accommodations is a personal secretary who answers the phone for him!!! And plans his "social calendar" (schedule of patients) everyday.
Last and certainly not least --Dan goes somewhere everyday where he is LOVED and looked up too (most of the time). The patients even bake for him on a regular basis-- and bring him treats! (One of Dan's faithful and fun patients Adel--who has loved our tribe since we moved here) .

IF I had to go someplace for most my day I certainly would pick a place like this!!

*The only bummers are--Dan rarely has any time to enjoy the amenenties--what they have worked so hard for keeps them super busy, AND we (the family) can't enjoy it with him!!!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

I'm SOOOO impressed with his new building--super nice! I can't even imagine teaching Seminary and then working for 10 hours w/out a lunch--wowzers! You've got a hard worker on your least he gets to do it in a nice facility!

wilkinson_fam said...

It's so nice to have the internet again! I'm no longer cut off from the world. Yay!

When I was in Granite Bay (with S. Boerger right after her brain surgery), we had a stalker. After one especially frightening altercation while tracting, I practically had to carry her down the street to get her to our car to escape him taunting us while riding a bike. That night, after "lights out", a flashlight beam streamed through the blinds in and around our bedroom area. And, the following night, he actually busted our porch light, broke into our apartment (dead-bolt and all) and was waiting for us at 9:30 when we were supposed to be home (we were late coming back after splits). That's the readers digest version. Way too scary for me. I'm actually more scared thinking about what COULD have happened now then I even was then. AHHHHHH!!!

Emily said...

Wow, hoping it doesn't happen, but if I get hurt and need to rehabilitate, I know EXACTLY where I want them to take me. Looks awesome.

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

that place is amazing. i would sure look forward to work if i worked there! miss you guys!

Charie said...

I love that you have pictures of his bathrooms. YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!

It was thrilling to catch up with a few of the latest posts. You have such a cute family.

Trezise Momma said...

Wow, Dan's new digs are awesome! I am envious. It is good I don't work there; I would be jumpin' in that pool all the time. Too tempting. I will be sure to let you know if any "official" announcements are made. Erin read my blog before I published it and didn't say anything, so....we will have to wait and see. I am not good at waiting to see, but I will deal.

kk Leilani said...

Man that is a sweeeeeeet home. I'm all about it and will be over as soon as this year is up...wahooo! Looks like good times with the fam and Dan's clients.
Enjoyed the pics and look forward to more. Love you!

KrisWatson said...

Hi there... You will never guess who this is...Remember your mission in Auburn??? I had 2 cute kids named Gabby and Emmett????If you remember me email me at I got your blogspot from Kari;-)!...I have missed you for a very long time and thought of you aften...Your Family is beautiful!
Love you!!

Dawn said...

so glad we got to come see your new facility is beautiful!Look at it this way... I know you spend alot of time there, but at least you have a nice facility to spend it in...could be a crappy run-down facility that you were spending all your time in! Hope your load will lighten up soon! And I know he still prefers to be home with his wife and children at the end of the day...not much "peace" sometimes, but definitely a change of "pace." Love you guys!