Monday, August 4, 2008

Week Synopsis 7/27-8/2

Sunday July 27th- Colton's Birthday Part II. We were reunited with daddy, so we saved two presents for Colton to open with Dan. Colton decided he could not wait until Tuesday when daddy was taking him to the driving range (golf) to open his we hid the presents around the house for Colton to find. He got some cool LONG party balloons from Aunt Mindy, and a Darth Vader Lab Top (LOVE Wal-Mart toy clearance sales) from mom and dad.

You can pretty much tell what the highlight has been this week-earning time on Colton's computer!

AND in case you did not notice from the pictures-Dan painted our one kitchen wall while we were gone, a nice burnt orange to go along with some of 'changes' in the kitchen-- less sunflowers, more roosters. The proper name of the color is warm brick. I was grateful he got this done. It has been in my mind forever, but with kids always underfoot--it was ridiculous to even consider.

Monday July 28- The kids are pretty much bored out of their minds now after always going and doing serious FUN things, with allot of adults to pay attention to them during vacation. Oh, how we wish we had a pool! I attempted errands in the late morning and pretty much had one of the worst errand runs ever. Ryland had a complete meltdown, so we had to leave Bealls in order to keep the peace with other customers. This was all BEFORE I was finished shopping ( I HATE ending trips early-I only do it when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, it takes way too much prep work to get out of the house, only to back out for behavior--I would NEVER get anything done). Then, after waiting in the drive-through line at the bank forever, I did not have deposit slip and they told me that I had to go back through the line because it was so busy. I went home with nothing done and kids in foul moods. Am I really ready to be back?
Sterling's friend Emma had him over to play in the afternoon and the Hoggard bunch stopped in for a minute when they dropped him off. It was a good friend relief, as it was the 'witching hour' before Dan got home.Suitcases un-packed, laundry finalized, and some order restored when Dan did get home (after us being gone for 2 weeks).
We had FHE lesson on the pioneers,again. I have my own FHE packet we always do around the 24th of July. It ended in a FUN pioneer game!

You gotta love sisters-notice the hair pulling taken in stride. Sterling is a Champ with her! Giddy-Up Horsey!

Tuesday July 29- We got soooo much done today, no wonder my eyes did not stay open very long after they hit the pillow that night! I started the day with a visiting teaching appointment (Tina Johnson). It ended up taking about an hour and a half since she was new to my route. I also stopped by the bank to finish what I started the day before and get gas in the coche.
Soon as I got home Dan took all 3 boys to the driving range. That was Colton's only request for his birthday-he has been getting into golf lately. It was like 100 degrees plus outside, only for them to get there and find out Dan forgot his wallet. They came home and then still braved it, coming back after with stories about how they hit farther than daddy!
While they were gone my friend Natalie came over and showed me how to work the computers while answering phones (Taylor and Sons Hauling) as I will be taking over the phones/computers while she is gone for 3 days.
THEN Dan and I went over our long time coming budget and money. Vacation was expensive!!! After dinner when it had cooled down ALLOT-we all went outside and took care of the lawns. I mowed while Dan weed whacked and trimmed rose bushes. Next was baths and bed! Whew!

Wednesday &Thursday July 3o, 31- I would wake up a little early and get some laundry and dishes going, all of us dressed and ready for the day BEFORE it was time to answer phones.These days were a blur of being home-bound. It being the first time solo (all day) on the phones and computer at work, I was pretty much sitting at the computer all day trying to figure it all out. The phones are typically slower towards the weekend, BUT they went NUTS and we had allot of grumpy's. I did get most my blogging caught up in between, and just hoped that I was not messing things up too badly. I felt like I was calling the owners way too much on their vacation. After all was said and done and routes/dispatch tickets printed out...I felt successful.

We took some zucchini and squash over to our neighbors, and one brought some back stuffed -OH MY YUM! Our garden went crazy while I was gone!

Friday August 1st- Dan's work has a dress up day every Friday. This Friday was dress like a little kid day. This is outside of Dan's comfort zone, BUT he participates pretty willingly. We got him a sesame street uniborws unite t-shirt, socks pulled up, hat on crooked, Jedi backpack, and the kids slingshot for his clothes AND he let me paint freckles on his face! I was so proud of my kid! (check out pictures below).

The phones pretty much SLOWED way down today -- I could breathe, and I did not call the owners once.

That evening we started our double elimination softball tournament. The first game was a forfeit (so we warmed up w/ another forfeited team), the second game was a loss by 3, to the #1 team, then we won the third, and won the fourth-FOUR GAMES!!! It takes our team a game or two to get going, so by the end of the night we blew the other team out of the water! Our bodies paid for it the next morning as well, and I have myself a nice shiner from getting a good hit in the calf playing at 2nd.Now we are placed 3rd and playing the "other" LDS team (who also has a loss to the same #1 team) to see who goes to championship this Friday.OOOH! It made for a LONG babysitting night, and we slapped down a good 30 dollars for it. Dan pitched the entire night and only had one walk.

Saturday August 2nd-It was really hard to get going today. We did not feel like doing much, except going to Prescott to hang out (Dan and I), BUT we could not find a babysitter... SO we opted for the next best thing, and did our 2 week grocery shopping, menu planning, and coupon clipping(ha ha ha). The boys and I went school shopping while Dan was grocery shopping. This is the first year the kids have had a supply list and we bought a good 50 dollars worth between the two of them w/ lunches and backpacks, etc.

I spent a majority of the evening getting ready for singing time and printing out flyers for playgroup (at our home) this week. Dan and I watched the 3rd season of The Office this weekend as well. I am officially addicted!

Sunday August 3rd- We always enjoy a relaxing day AFTER church is done.Nursery has grown abundantly recently, and is filled with many criers. The area they have nursery in is small and HOT. Dacie got bit in nursery while I was doing singing time. I was MAD! It was a really hard bite, and the skin was almost broken. I took the child aside and told him in a VERY stern voice that we do not bite. To which he quickly went and tried to bite another child, and slapped another in the face. I have such mixed emotions about the whole ordeal. This particular child comes from a VERY broken home, and I realize there is allot in the child's life, that he may not have been taught or it is consequences of much worse things in his life. HOWEVER when it comes to the safety of my children I cannot compromise and allow the child that is learning to be at the expense of my own child's safety. AAAH! I will have to keep an eye on that.Dacie is sporting a nice bruise today.

(I am not the only one to think our kids are photo worthy..our neighbor came and got pictures of the kids playing in the water as well!)
While we were taking naps, we were awakened to serious thunder and lightening. We had a BIG monsoon come blowing in. Our biggest and most beautiful rose bush got uprooted. We have yet to find stakes sturdy and big enough to hold these bushes up! Since we have no paved road in front of our home, it always likes to flood out front. I finally gave in and let the kids go play in it...conservatively. IF it were any other day I would of let them get in their suits and go to town-mud and all!
We ended the evening blogging, coloring, and playing with Pokemon cards. It was such a calm and peaceful way to end the week. Now we have playgroup, school & seminary starting!
WELCOME to NURSERY! Dacie's bite mark HOURS after church (in the evening)The boys playing cards and coloring!
Dacie even holds the crayons so petitely and colors/scribbles over coloring pages!


Erin said...

Hey! Nice Dan to paint your kitchen!-BY the way, that color looks suspiciously similar to my kitchen/dining room color (see my most recent posts)! I always knew we had the same tastes...

The Greers said...

Do you give your kids miricle grow?
Do you know the first time I met you was at Colten's fourth birthday party? Good times.

Aaron & Jayme said...

Holy cow you have been one busy lady! I love reading all your posts! So sorry to hear about the biter, unfortunately I've been on the other side of that scenario way more times that I'd like to count! Luckily Riley grew out of it and no longer bites everyone!

Tina (Hickman) Ottley said...

Would you please come to my house and do a two week menu and shopping and coupons? I'm so not organized! I think I go to the store 4 times a week!
I have no idea how you work from home with kids. I did for a little when Avery was a baby and would take naps, but there is no way I could do it now, too many distractions--and I just have the one child.

I love the office. It is one of the few shows we watch regularly. Can't wait for the new season!

Emily said...

Poor nursery kids. All of them. I hope that the "biter" gets "better". I loved the rained that just slammed this area. Rain is the best. Well, and snow too. I'm excited for playgroup when school starts. I haven't been forever because either the twins were too small and too fragile or I had all my kids with me and I didn't want to stress everyone out.

Charie said...

We have that same warm brick color in our house :) Great color!

momster said...

Did you totally flip out to the Primary Pres and the Bishop about the biter and tell them you can't do music if Dacie isn't safe? I never understood the biting thing and have very little patience for it. I would have probably bit the kid-you have much more charity than I do.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh poor Dacie--that bite mark looks painful! Dan's dress-up outfit looks cool. What a fun place to work. Great job on the painting too. as we all know--kids & paint don't mix well! =)

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Dear momster- I want to view your blog..please send me an invite

kk Leilani said...

Bites suck. And I'm sure even more so when they are yours...maybe you can teach Dacie a little kung fu! When I read your blog...I begin to think so many things...much of which is written by How do you do it? YOU did w hat? You did that! ahhh ha ha ha. You're crazy! How do you find the energy or the time? YOu are are wonder woman...I could never...and on and on. I thought you were pretty amazing on the mish...but this...this is refiners fire at its best. This is...a work of art. YOu are such a beautiful mom, sister, lover of all people, places and things...and I swear is there any place you haven't been! cha! seems like you've been everywhere someone else has been...which is awesome b/c then you truly know what people are talking about. I miss you. I would love to just come and curl up on your couch and watch you do your thing with the fam...and take notes...and I know I would leave feeling...prepared to take on whatever comes my way. I love you forever and ever. You are amazing. love, k p.s. it would be cool to see you incorporate some of chocolate that we got on the mish...into some of your family time and hear about it via your blog hee hee.

Allison Barry said...

reading your blog makes me tired FOR you.

Dawn said...

I love the color in your kitchen! Dan did a great job! And I love the outfit he wore to did a great job dressing him up...even down to his freckles! (which he did have a few as a child!) What a great mom you are...I don't know if I would have turned my kids loose in a pool of water with their Sunday clothes on! But those are the times they'll remember! Sorry about the bite; somtimes children respond to and just need some gentle loving...especially if they're not getting it at home. Good luck with that situation! Luckily children forgive easily...and Dacie is such a sweetheart!