Friday, August 1, 2008

SuPeR SaTUrDay!

Saturday Morning we were suppose to come and pick up the boys, and get their gear out of Grandma's. At this point every single sibling (of the Hutchings) was in town and it was CHAOS.I really starting missing Dan that day, I needed his hands and calm presence to help amidst the crazy activities and the four kids that I had by myself.
Some of us headed over to the park to celebrate Pioneer Day (the 24th of July) with my parents stake. We got fried chicken, watermelon and potato salad. They had a blow up slide thing and some pioneers painting faces! Here are the results of the face painting below Blue Bunny a.k.a Psycho Bunny!
One of the pioneer girls painting
Cousins Kayden and Boston as a Tiger and Leopard
Dacie is cute as a bug with her Lady Bug!
Ryland's dragon and kitty, I believe.
Despite most my family living in the same area, they had a major highway shut down for a majority of the time I was there... and it made for some LONG drives (I cannot live in a BIG city anymore for this reason-TRAFFIC) back and forth from houses. Saturday we were so hot and tired after the picnic...and we had my brothers court of honor in a few hours--We went and crashed at my sisters (Amberlyn's) pad as she was getting ready to go do an EFY.
We got naps where we could. I never thought we would finally get Dacie settled down enough to sleep on a bed (as opposed to a quiet, dark room in her crib)BUT she finally fell asleep a little bit, for a much needed nap.

(The Hutchings Eagle Scouts-Brendon, Kelby, Shaun, Chad, My Dad-Kent)
That evening my youngest brother Brendon received his Eagle Scout Award. He was the last male to get this award from our family. I come from a VERY strong and long line of SCOUTERS. My Dad has been a scout master for most of his and my lifetimes, as well as his father.I have never been to a court of honor (since I am older and was always gone when my other brothers got theirs). It was neat to see the Eagles Nest where all the men attending who have received this award, come and sit together. I loved hearing about what this award represents and the origins of it. They also had a cool Brendon video and a Brendon 'roast'. Since I missed his graduation and most his high school years, I felt like I was getting caught up! I am glad my boys got to see it, I hope this part of my family legacy is passed down to them.
Uncle Brendon and the Sorensen Clan!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

cute face painting! And all those Eagle scouts in one family--that's awesome!

Dawn said...

Congratulations to Brendan! What a neat picture for your mom to have of all her Eagle Scouts...she should be so proud...and I'm sure she is! I'm sure you'll be going to lots of pack meetings and Eagle Courts of Honor raising three boys..."you have only just begun..."