Friday, August 1, 2008

SunDaY is a Special DaY!

Gma's camp landed conveniently on the weekend of my brothers court of honor BUT, also, my cousins mission farewell as well. My cousin Scott Hutchings got his call to serve in Madrid Spain and was reporting to the MTC that Wednesday. My entire immediate family got to attend their ward and hear him speak. It was DACIE'S 1st DAY IN NURSERY too (that is a HUGE milestone for us), and she did well!Afterward we got to go hang out at my cousins home for an open house...and my Uncle owns a landscaping business, so he has some cool things in his backyard-like a fish pond.
We could barely get Ryland to leave the fish pond to get some food. He loved it!
It was great to catch up with some extended family as well. I got to re-connect w/ one of my favorite cousins who I went to BYU and hung out with quite a bit in my college days-Maty Hoss!
Afterward we went back to my sisters home (who lives down the street from my uncle and is in their ward too) and had a dinner, and played games.Sterling started getting sick at this point (his cousins had a flu/fever thing during grandma's camp), and got medicine and layed down for a bit. Since my family is weird, it ended with one of my brothers (Shaun) getting baby formula dumped on his head somehow! If they only realized how much money that amt. of formula was worth on his head--they would be adding water and collecting it in a bottle! ha ha ha


TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh, formula is DEFINITELY like liquid gold. i cringe just seeing it go to waste like that--haha! =)

Dawn said...

sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful time on your trip to California! Glad you got to reconnect with some cousins...and get to see most of your family there! Colton's birthday looked lots of fun...and he got to celebrate it twice! How fun is that!