Sunday, August 3, 2008

SoMePlaCE FUN!!!!

Really, that is the name of this place...Someplace Fun!
And it pretty much is one of the coolest places EVER! We got 8 people (4 kids and 4 adults) in for 16 dollars (w/ one-for-one coupons...even so, it beats a movie if we had to pay full price)--and we could do WHATEVER we wanted for HOWEVER long we wanted!
They pretty much had anything you could think of to play on- arcades, air hockey, blow-ups, dunk courts, b-ball courts, guitar hero, dance dance revolution, toddler area and a toddler race track, air guns w/ targets in a big ol' warehouse or two. Each kid had their favorite thing. This was by far was Dacie's favorite thing-the horses on the carousel. She got us all motion sick for the amount of times she rode around it and still scream her heart out when we finally had to take her off, as there was no adults who could keep down their lunch any longer.

The boys all got on a teacup together and got themselves nice and SICK!

This was Dacie's 2nd favorite thing to do, dance to the Hannah Montana Music!

The air guns w/ moving targets was Grandpa's favorite thing for SURE-he got all into it using the scope and all!

Check out Ryland's form-HECK YA! we got a hoopster
This was Ryland's favorite thing..the air baseball (above)

Where Colton spent most of his time on the arcade games, he did manage to break away to try the other FUN things !

Sterling's All-time favorite thing was all the slammin' slides...and yes, I raced him down!
This was SOME PLACE GREAT, for sure!


Kelby and Amber-Rose said...

Mikkelle and Dacie are such cute cousins! YAY! Oh and it's thepaisleypeach sorry. It's on my site. Love ya

Fringers said...

I wish we had something like this in cottonwood! That would be a killer playgroup!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

wow--that looks like an indoor Disneyland! What a cool place!