Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Happy Birthday Cool Cousin Boston!!!!
Thanks for being Ryland's pacifier buddy and a great friend!!!

Whenever we think of Boston we think of balls (he LOVES playing with them) and BIG mouth smiles!!!!
Hope your day is full of RED VELVET CAKE!! ha ha ha (that your Dad will have to clean up!!!)

We will PaRtY with you next time we get together!

We LOVE YOU-(your card is in the mail)!!!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

How cute--i love that pacifier pic! Cool name too!

123sonsMom said...

Boston says thank you and he doesn't really love red velvet cake. He says if he eats it he'll have to stick his head in the toilet and that would not be good. We love you Sorensens!! Thank you.

Kerry said...

I LOVE San Diego. It's the best. The weather in October is still hot, so totally swimmable. The weather in Dec-Jan is cool, so it might be a little bit cold in the water, but I know that doesn't always stop people! I am so partial to Sea World, since I worked there for 3 summers. I love that place. It would be great for the kids. I just took the kids to the Zoo this time, and they enjoyed it, but it is really spread out,with lots of going up and down hills, so it can get tiring walking around. I haven't been to LegoLand yet, but have heard it's a blast. Your boys (big and little) would totally love it. For overall family fun though, I am going to say Sea World. Plus it is right on the bay so it has the nice ocean breeze. Lovely! Sea World closes around 5 or 6 in the off-season, and the Zoo closes at 4. I am not sure about LegoLand. Legoland is up in Escondido, so it is a bit farther away than downtown San Diego.If you choose to go, let me know and I will totally give you all the stuff you should go do! I never seem to have enough time to spend when I am home. Love it.